Banksmeadow PS Staff Bulletin

Term 2

WEEK 3 9th - 13th May

Hi everyone

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend. Hopefully all of the mums were spoiled and enjoyed your special day.


NAPLAN will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Please refrain from making any announcements over the PA system, or from sending students on messages to the Year 3, 3/4 or 4/5 classrooms.


As discussed at the SDD this term, I would like to have a look at programs in the coming weeks. At Wednesday's exec meeting we decided that they would be collected in Week 5. I am happy if you give them to me on the Monday to have a look at on my own, or if you would prefer to meet with me while I look at yours please make an appointment with me. If you don't usually print your program so as to save paper, I am happy if you email or save to Teacher share for me.

*Recording Data

All phonics data from last term MUST be logged on ESR by Monday. Please log your raw scores, not just the phases. In future terms, ALL data will need to be logged on ESR by the Monday of Week 10.

* Report Timeline

Tuesday 14th June - Reports to supervisors

Thursday 30th June - Reports sent home

Monday 27th June - All Term 2 assessment data to be logged on ESR by now

Tuesday 26th July - Parent-Teacher Interviews

*Thieves in the area

On Friday afternoon I received an email to notify us that there have been many wallets and valuables stolen from classrooms and offices at some of our local schools. Can you please take care with your valuables and ensure that you lock up your handbag/wallet, and that all iPads are locked in lockers.


Can you please ensure that all absence records are submitted on ESR. At the moment there are many unexplained absences. Can you please ensure that you record the reason for absence when you receive a note or a verbal explanation from the parent. If no note is sent in, please try to follow up with the parent.

* Poonam will be away again this week. Brooke will be taking her class.

*Working Bee

The Working Bee will be held on Sunday from 12pm. If you are free and want to pop in to help it would be great to see you for a little bit. Bring shovels, rakes, gardening gloves!


* Preschool stage meeting rescheduled to Wednesday


* NAPLAN - Morning and middle sessions. Igal will be teaching Year 4 in Elise's room.

* TPL Meeting at 3:15pm in the 2S classroom

* Showcase Meeting in the Staffroom @ 4pm


* Exec meeting @ 8:15am

* NAPLAN - Morning session. Igal will be teaching Year 4 in Elise's room.


* Staff Meeting @ 8:15am

* NAPLAN - Morning session. Sharen will be teaching Year 4 in Elise's room.


* PSSA begins. Good luck to all of our teams!

* Nikita and Emma will be on a beginning teacher day. Cassy and Rachel will be on their classes.