Please Stop Laughing At Me

By: Jodee Blanco


Jodee Blanco is an outsider. All she wants to do is fit in with the popular kids. She starts making friends with the popular kids, but ends up getting bullied by them so she switches schools.

The switching of schools was good for Jodee. She was finally not getting bullied. Her new popular friend was having a party and Jodee got invited. During the party, bad things start to happen and Jodee doesn’t feel comfortable. She got to schools and nobody would talk to her. The kids started physically bullying her so her mom moved her school's again. They didn’t only move to a whole different house and climate.

After they moved to the new house, Jodee wouldn’t go out of the house nor her room. One day, some kids came by to see if Jodee wanted to play with them. At first Jodee didn’t want to but her mom encouraged her to.

Summer break for Jodee was good but now she’s got to go to the new school. One of the neighborhood kids is having troubles at home so Jodee comforts him. The kids start bullying Jodee at school, before they get on the bus and after they get off the bus but Jodee pushes through it. Soon Jodee’s parents find out so they make a vacation day to go to Europe for a week.

While their in Europe, Jodee makes friends. She gets their numbers to keep in touch. For a while she talks to her friends in Europe and doesn’t try to make any other friends at her school.

Jodee met a girl and few other people. She had made friendships with them.

She graduates but after she graduated, she writes a book. She goes to her high school reunion. She had a good time seeing everyone again in the high school, and for once, she wasn't getting bullied.
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Jodee is only trying to fit in with the "popular kids." She's the misfit of everyone but still tries. They make fun of her because she likes to help other kids. She could simply try another group of kids that will except her for who she is.

Character Analysis

Jodee is a nice girl who likes to help other kids. She is very good at Public speaking and hopes one day she is going to be successful. She becomes sad and depressed because she has no friends and no one to talk to because all the kids bully her and her parents just think she is a misfit.

Textual Evidence

When the kids at one of the schools dragged her outside and started to physically hurt her was a big problem. They said they were going to kill her. The kids didn't stop until they felt like it.

Book Review

This book was extremely good but very sad. Jodee Blanco was only trying to make friends and help people. She was never entitled to have the kids hate her for who she is. The book has good details and descriptions of what exactly happened. This book has a very good message. "The victim never forget but the bully does."