Miss Stinson's Classroom:

I am a 3rd grade teacher. What is your superpower?

What to expect from me as your child's teacher.

My name is Katherine Stinson. This is my first year teaching. I teach reading and writing to your 3rd graders. I have taught and will continue to teach your children to think critically, apply their knowledge to real life situations, and help them become successful people. I will do this through developmental appropriate practice, cooperative learning, and differentiated instruction. I will be sure to take each student's individual learning styles into account when teaching and grouping your children. I enjoy teaching reading and writing to third graders because I think these subjects are the baseline of knowledge. I am excited to continue the school year, strong!

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Come explore the world of your 3rd grader at open house.

Wednesday, Nov. 11th, 6:30-7:45pm

Tigerwood Elementary RM:234

Open house is a chance for you to take a look inside the classroom and learn about the subjects we've learned about so far. There will be samples of your child's favorite pieces of writing along with illustrations on their desk. Around the classroom there will also be reading stations where your child and you can read their favorite book from the classroom library. This is also a great chance to ask me any questions or address any concerns with me. I can't wait to see you all!

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We're introducing you to Mathemorphosis!

I do not teach your students math, but Ms. West does. She asked me to send out this letter about a new game the students have been playing in class.

Dear parents of Miss Stinson’s class,

As a class we are working hard to learn as much as possible this year. It’s a wonderful and rewarding job for me to educate your child. There is so much material the students must learn. It would find it very helpful and beneficial for your child if they worked on their new skills at home. To make it more exciting for your student we have discovered a game that will help them master their addition and subtraction skills quicker. Mathemorphosis is engaging because it’s not too easy for the children, but it’s not too hard, they earn medals, and it strengthens their number skills. Some may be more encouraged to practice if their medals are hung on the fridge! The game has addition and subtraction using the numbers 0-9. Since today’s younger generation is technology based, it will also help them get comfortable using computers and ipads. If your student doesn’t have technology at home, please don’t hesitate to check out an ipad from our library. Here is the URL for you to look to see what we’ve been working on: Mathemorphsis
URL: http://mrnussbaum.com/mathemorphosis/game.swf


Katherine Stinson

Amanda West

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Miss Stinson glances ahead.

For the next 9 weeks we will be studying different genres of books. Your kids will be doing book reports and presentations throughout the semester. We will take the time to explore each type of story and learn to appreciate them all. I will incorporate writing skills into each project. As a class we will find new and exciting ways to make reading and writing fun! Please be sure to read to your children and have them read to you. This will help them grow outside of school.

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