Nigeria oil industry

by: Jada, Morice, Sydney, Maddie

The Issue

The discovery of oil in the 1950s has changed the Niger Delta. Oil production and spills have polluted the land and water. There is a food shortage because of this

Historical Significance

Nigeria has a history of oil exploration dating back to the 1950s , however, in 2011 the petroleum industry of Nigeria was developed by Shell. before the oil spill this ecosystem contained the highest amount of biodiversity on the planet. It was able to sustain different crops, lumbar, and agricultural trees. And it had the most species of freshwater fish than any other ecosystem in west Africa.
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Economic- without farming the unemployment rate increases and it damages the economy.

Social- Caused the people of Niger Delta to migrate to cities to live in Shanties and slums with their attendant risks.

Environmental- pollution destroys the rivers, the delta, and the land surrounding it.


1. what do you think is the main impact of the oil spill, who or what did it effect the most?

2. what changes can they do to prevent oil spills?

3. what are other job options for the people of the Niger Delta?