LCE News from Mrs. Blaney

February, 2023

Dear Families,

February was filled with:

Field Trips - the 5th-graders attended the Valley Forge field trip or Adventure Week

Valentines (and lots of sweets)

Rainy Days - and rainbows like the one in the background of this newsletter, courtesy of Mrs. Redfern

Black History Month lessons

Newly Hired Staff - Teodoro Almanza (evening custodian), Anita King, Naomi Kruzic, Roderick Spilman, and Marcelo Ramirez (paraprofessionals)

Awards - Paws for Praise, PTA Reflections, California Distinguished School

Bees - thankfully, they are gentle bees

Behavior Reminders - Mrs. Blaney visited upper-grade classes to review the Discipline Matrix (found in the Parent Student handbook).

This newsletter will highlight some events of February and preview some upcoming events of March.



February: Black History Month

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LCE celebrated the accomplishments of Black Americans this month Specifically, in Music class, Mr. Leonard taught the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders The Star-Spangled Banner. They learned the vocabulary (twilight, ramparts, gallantly) and did a quick background of its composition during the war of 1812. In 1814, what did this line mean? "O say does that star-spangled Banner yet wave o'er the land of the free, and home of the brave?" At that time, most BIPOC Americans and women were not allowed to vote. Black Americans were still considered property, not people. As Americans, our strength is that we've continued asking ourselves the questions in the National Anthem to make our country freer, and we will always need to ask ourselves these questions.

The photo above was taken outside of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I learned about Julian Francis Abele when we visited the "Rocky Steps".

Social Studies Curricular Pilot

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Our Social Studies Pilot is almost complete. Teachers who chose to pilot materials are starting their third round, using one of the chosen publisher's units to teach. Three different publishers (from the list of approved publishers from the California Department of Education) were selected last year, and this year, participating teachers used the materials in this order:

1. McGraw-Hill School Education - Impact: California Social Studies

2. Teachers’ Curriculum Institute – Social Studies Alive! California Series (K-5)


National Geographic Learning – National Geographic World History (6)

3. Pearson Scott Foresman and Prentice Hall – California History-Social Science: myWorld Interactive

Note that Round 2 curricular choices were different depending on the grade level. 6th-grade approved materials may differ if the publishers only offer materials for Kindergarten through 5th grade. The LCUSD Governing Board will have final approval on the selection to adopt.

Photo by Jaredd Craig on Unsplash

Thank You Very Much, Mr. Jose

The students learned a song (thanks to Mr. Leonard and LCFEF!) to thank Mr. Jose, our custodian who retired this year. They sang it for him at our Spirit Rally with the help of student leaders. It was lovely!

Video Credit: Chris Dodson

Spirit Rally

February at LCE in Photos

Valley Forge, PA 5th Grade Field Trip

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Traffic Pattern Reminders

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This month, I want the adults to please focus on the following:

• Do NOT block driveways when parking, even for a minute.

• Do NOT stop in crosswalks if you are in one of the carlines.

• Do NOT cut in front of others in the carline.

• Do NOT post photos of our drivers on social media.

• PRACTICE safety, courtesy, and respect!

Book Fair Results!

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Welcome to “The SpotLight” ! Introducing the place where LCE’s Wellness Room, “The Spot” will be featured each month with updates on how it is being used by our school community alongside our ongoing school counseling and support services. Keeping our families aware and informed will not only strengthen our ability to partner in supporting our students' social-emotional wellness but will empower our parents to continue conversations at home using the language our students are learning through their classroom counseling lessons. Our School Counselor, Nancy DeBoer, and Sage Therapist, Rachel Hirshberg value the partnership between school and family and are committed to their roles tending to the emotional and social well-being of LCE’s students.


If you have stopped by The Spot then you know what an oasis it is. The lights are low and there are many soft places to sit while taking a break to settle big feelings, journal or read. Many students are able to enter the room, grab a timer and an activity while they independently manage their challenging feelings for 10 minutes. Others request to meet with Mrs. DeBoer and talk things out in The Spot while seated comfortably on the floor, swing or in the tree house cozying up to many of the pillows or stuffed animals that live there. As the room has established itself as a safe, clean, calm space with an abundance of hands-on tools to explore and manage uncomfortable feelings, students report an increase in self-awareness through learning strategies to help them regulate during the school day. To our delight, students are able to return to class more regulated and ready to learn and engage. We have had group meetings with students to support better communication and assist them in understanding behaviors that can be problematic during recess and PE. The Spot has been hosting weekly sixth-grade groups. Students have been open about sharing their fears of the unknowns in anticipation of their transition to Middle School. Teachers visit The Spot to take a moment to provide support to individual students who need it and to partner with other staff to collaborate and find creative solutions to academic and behavioral issues. Each Wednesday morning from 9:30-10:30 is reserved for parent education opportunities provided by our Sage Therapist and Wellness Room Supervisor. Please feel free to drop in and visit on any Wednesday morning!

LCE’s Pilot Program

The Wellness Room is in its first year of implementation at LCE and proving to be a well-loved and utilized ‘spot’ on Campus. In its first trimester alone, The Spot supported approximately 85 students managing big feelings (not counting repeat visits), 40 families receiving guidance, coaching, and consultations, as well as 5 Parent Education opportunities.

School Counseling

The Counseling lessons are going strong. Our TK-6th Grade class lessons focus mainly on the themes of Character Development, Conflict Resolution, Social Skills, and Emotional Regulation. Since the beginning of the school year, Mrs. DeBoer has been working through these themes at each grade level with presentations that are developmentally engaging. The lessons and takeaways are reinforced on the playground, in the classrooms, and whenever discipline conversations take place. Recently Mrs. DeBoer presented a lesson on rumors and gossip to our 5th-grade students because this is the developmental age and time of year when social dynamics tend to become sticky and dramatic. In the spirit of “Name it to Tame it” teachers partner with our school counselor to address the undercurrent of conflict, whatever it is, so that students feel safe, contained, and informed of options to address conflict or better cope with it. Our TK-2nd grade students have been learning conflict resolution skills, including the difference between accident and purpose and how to make apologies with the help of Kelso the Frog. In our 3rd-6th grade classes, students continue to increase their feelings vocabulary, while learning how to identify feelings and regulate them through activities in which our students already engage (drawing, exercise, music, reading, etc). Students are internalizing the lessons and can be observed advocating for themselves and others, showing empathy and compassion to peers, and recognizing big feelings. All students are asked to consider the thoughts and feelings that impact their choices or decisions so that they are empowered to make alternative choices the next time they are faced with a similar situation. Mrs. DeBoer continues to work with students individually who need help during the school day with friendship struggles, peer conflicts, decision-making, and emotional regulation. “Within my counseling philosophy, I strongly believe in the partnership of the school and family. Therefore, I encourage our students to talk with their parents often about their sticky situations. I am here to help and support our parents as well, and can be easily contacted by email or by phone.” or (818)952-8356

Spartan-Lion Saturday Squad

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Parent Offerings

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Universal PreKindergarten Update for LCUSD

For the 2023-24 school year, students turning 5 between Sept. 2 and April 2 will qualify for Transitional Kindergarten. TK classes are currently offered at LCE and PCR campuses. For enrollment information, please visit our website.


Upcoming Events

PTA Dine Out: Stella's Pizza Kitchen

Thursday, March 2nd, 11am-9pm

456 Foothill Boulevard

La Cañada Flintridge, CA

LCUSD Governing Board Meeting

Tuesday, March 7th, 7pm

4490 Cornishon Avenue

La Cañada Flintridge, CA

District Spelling Bee

Wednesday, March 8th, 6:30pm

4490 Cornishon Avenue

La Cañada Flintridge, CA

Report Cards Go Home (All Grade Levels)

Thursday, March 9th, 3pm


ELAC (English Learner Advisory Committee) Meeting: CANCELED

Thursday, March 9th, 3:30-4:15pm

This is an online event.

This meeting is rescheduled for April 12 at 5:45 pm.

3rd-Grade Field Trip to La Brea Tar Pits and Museum

Friday, March 10th, 8:30am-2pm

5801 Wilshire Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA

Students are All Day Birds

LCUSD College and Career Center, in Collaboration with Family Learning Series: A Healthier Approach to College Admission

Thursday, March 9th, 4-5:15pm

4463 Oak Grove Drive

La Cañada Flintridge, CA

The College and Career Center in collaboration with the LCUSD Family Learning Series will be hosting a virtual Webinar titled “A Healthier Approach to College Admission” Thursday, March 9th from 4:00 pm - 5:15 pm. This important workshop is targeted for all TK-12 grade families as well as 7-12 grade students. The workshop will be presented by:

Denise Pope, Ph.D., Stanford University, Challenge Success Co-Founder, Strategic Advisor, and Author;

Margaret Dunlop, M.A., Stanford University, Senior School Design Partner, Transformative Coaching & Leadership

5th-Grade Growth and Development Health Lesson

Friday, March 10th, 2pm

4540 Encinas Drive

La Cañada Flintridge, CA

Boys and girls will be separated for this lesson.

Spartan - Lion Saturday Squad

Saturday, March 11th, 9-10:30am

LCE Library

2nd-Grade Field Trip to California Science Center

Tuesday, March 14th, 8:15am

700 Exposition Park Drive

Los Angeles, CA

Students are All Day Birds.

Family Learning Series: Vaping, Marijuana, Fentanyl Awareness

Tuesday, March 14th, 6:30-8pm

4463 Oak Grove Drive

La Cañada Flintridge, CA

This event is for families of 6th graders and older.

Out of the Blue Assemblies

Wednesday, March 15th, 7:45-11:45am

LCE Cafeteria

We are excited to welcome these talented singers again at LCE!

PTA General Meeting

Wednesday, March 15th, 7pm

LCE Cafeteria

Dr. Gold will be our special guest and will talk about the transition to 7th grade.

Founders Day Reception & Awards Presentation

Thursday, March 16th, 6:30-8:30pm

4463 Oak Grove Drive

La Cañada Flintridge, CA

Early Release Collaboration Day for 1st - 6th Graders

Friday, March 17th, 8-11:30am


LCFEF Annual Spring Gala

Saturday, March 18th, 5pm

214 South Main Street

Los Angeles, CA

LCE World's Fair

Thursday, March 23rd, 8:15am to Friday, March 24th, 3pm

LCE Cafeteria

LCE Community Read In

Friday, March 24th, 8:30am


LCUSD Governing Board Meeting

Tuesday, March 28th, 7pm

4490 Cornishon Avenue

La Cañada Flintridge, CA


Thursday, March 30th, 4:15-7:30pm

471 Knight Way

La Cañada Flintridge, CA

Please see the flyer attached at the end of this newsletter.
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Early Release Collaboration Day for 1st - 6th Graders

Friday, March 31st, 8:15-11:30am



Monday, April 3rd, 12am to Friday, April 7th, 11:45pm

Not At School