Hamilton Boys' High School -Term 1, Edition 4, March 2019

Argyle House Open Day, Effective Use of the Student Diary, Athletics Sports, Speedchatting & a Visit by Mr Robert Pereira


Our annual Open Day is scheduled for Thursday 7th March.

Can you please support us by informing people in your area that the Open Day is on and commences at 10.00am and concludes at 2.00pm. It is for all year levels, not just Year 8s coming into Year 9 in 2020. We welcome all prospective boarders and their families.

There will be a variety of Hostel and Hamilton Boys' High School staff presentations as well as Hostel and School tours. Morning tea and lunch is provided for all visitors. Thank you for encouraging people in your area to attend to witness first hand the Argyle, Grove and School environments.


10.00 a.m. Morning tea will be available on your arrival in the Hostel dining room.

10.30 a.m. We invite you to meet and listen to the Head of Boarding: Mr Murray McKenzie on hostel life and the application process. Headmaster: Mrs Susan Hassall. Dean of Boarding: Mr Jeremy Quigley on monitoring academic performance. Senior Master: Matua Mita Graham on behaviour at school and student leadership. Junior Curriculum Co-ordinator: Ms Caitlyn Brown on subject choices and options. Deputy Headmaster: Mr Nigel Hotham on sporting opportunities. Head of Health & Physical Wellbeing Faculty: Mr Todd Miller on the Elite Sport programme. Director of Arts and Culture: Ms Jamieson Hudson. Argyle Head Prefect: Hakaraia Richards-Coxhead, and Junior Boarding students.

11.15 a.m. Tours of the Hostel and School, escorted by Year 9 students from Argyle House.

12.30 p.m. Lunch in Hostel Dining Room.

1.15 p.m. Tours of the Hostel and School continue.

2.00 p.m. Open Day concludes.


Masters have been checking student diaries and it is highly evident that the majority of our hostel students are not utilising this resource effectively. The Hamilton Boys' High School Diary has a variety of useful information contained in it, including how to track academic achievement, teachers in charge of sporting codes, information on NCEA and how to study effectively to name but a few. It is our objective at the hostel to help your son to become organised with his school and homework, and it is imperative that students use their diaries on a daily basis. Below are some points of what we would like to see in every student's diary on EVERY lesson slot:

1. The Subject they are doing during that period

2. A brief synopsis of the content/topic that they are learning during that period

3. Any homework that needs to be performed for that subject

4. Any assessment tasks due

5. Colour coding each subject is beneficial but optional


Argyle House was crowned Athletics Sports Champions for the third consecutive year, taking maximum points in the Track and Field events at Porritt Stadium on Wednesday 27th February. This was due largely to so many of our boys entering the preliminary, qualifying events held over seven lunchtimes, to ensure we had many boys in the championship finals held at Porritt Stadium on finals day, where the big points were on offer. It was pleasing to see so many of our Parents/caregivers in attendance.

Kind regards

Murray McKenzie

Head of Boarding

021 516 477

Argyle House Open Day 2019 - Thursday 7th March, 10.00am - 2.00pm

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Argyle House applications for Year 9 2020 close on Friday 5 April 2019

Enquiries to Mr Murray McKenzie (Head of Boarding)

Visit our website to download an enrolment pack :

or phone Mrs Katrina McLaughlin (Hostel Administrator) 07- 8530437

Junior House Leaders

All six Hamilton Boys' High School Houses announced their Junior House Leaders and Deputies on Tuesday 26th February, at their morning House meetings around the school. Many Year 10 students had applied for these roles and all staff met on Monday 25th February to discuss the suitability of those that had applied. Caylus Brighouse and Thomas Verry will be responsible for ensuring that all junior Argyle teams are well prepared for the junior side of the school House Competition.
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Junior House Leader: Caylus Brighouse (Year 10), Tokoroa

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Deputy Junior House Leader: Thomas Verry (Year 10), RD5 Te Kuiti

Where do the Argyle House boys come from?

Mrs Katrina McLaughlin (Hostel Administrator) organised this board to go up above the dining room servery. Katrina had great pleasure researching the home towns of all our boys and liaising with the signwriter to establish the board. Thanks, Katrina. The boys love it.
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Haka Practice for all New Boarders - led by Year 13 Prefects & Senior Leaders

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Mr Robert Pereira Visit - 'Bully Prevention', Monday 4th - Thursday 7th March

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Mr Robert Pereira has been invited back to Hamilton BHS and Argyle House over the four days from Monday 4th - Thursday 7th March.

Robert is an International Educational Consultant, based in Canberra, Australia, who specialises in offering 'Bully Prevention' workshops for students, teachers, Parents/Caregivers, Deans and counsellors around the world, and is author of the book "Why We Bully?".

Robert will be running sessions for all 168 Argyle boys as well as all 465 Year 9s in the day school. The 4 days Robert worked with the Argyle boys and staff in May 2018 was extremely beneficial to us all.

Robert is also running a Seminar for Parents/Caregivers from 7.00-9.00pm on Wednesday evening 6th March, in the Senior Study Centre (adjacent to the staffroom), at a cost of $15 per person. Please pay at the door. His topic will be on 'Internet Addiction Disorder'. You are welcome to attend and are not required to RSVP.

Speedchatting with Sonninghill Hostel, Monday 25th February

All Year 9s and Year 10s from Argyle and Sonninghill spent the evening in the Sonninghill dining room 'Speedchatting'. The Year 13 girls from Sonninghill ran a one-minute timer for the boys to engage in questioning to find a little about the person opposite them. For those that were a bit shy, a list of questions were left on each table to prompt them into asking questions. After 1 minute, the boys stood up and moved one place to their left to begin 'chatting' to the next new girl in front of them. A lot of fun, mixed in with some frequent challenges where random numbers were selected and a pair were asked to come forward, pop a balloon and answer the question inside the balloon. A well-organised evening.

Argyle hosted all Years 11 and Year 12s from both hostels for Speedchatting and then a quiz was organised by Hakaraia Richard-Coxhead up in the hostel prep room. The evening concluded with supper, before the boys and girls returned by bus to their own hostels.

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R-L: Year 9s Blake Irwin, Flynn Pierce, Max Pearson and Carson Edwards have just moved and ready themselves to begin their 1 minute of speedchatting
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R-L: Year 9s Blake Irwin, Johno O'Brien, Taylor Sherlock and Harrison Grainger appear to be doing alot of listening!

Matthew Allen Cup Athletics: Sutherland wins 27 - 22 to go 4 - 2 up overall after 3 events

The Matthew Allen Cup Athletics competition is competed over six sprinting events across all five year levels. Sutherland and Bennett teams in each year level race over 50 metres. The final race is a 5 x 100m race with 1 runner from each year level in each team. Points are awarded for 1st - 4th place in each race with points tallied at the end of the evening to determine the overall winning House.

The Year 13 race and 5 x 100m race has only 1 team from each House entered. A big thanks to Matua Mita Graham (Senior Master) for coordinating the event, and to Seth Roe (Head of Bennett) and George Butcher (Head of Sutherland) for organising their House teams. It was another very enjoyable evening, with only 5 points separating the two Houses.

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The victorious Sutherland Year 9 team. L-R: Max Pearson, Harrison Grainger, Te Pereiha Te Huia, Carlos Miln, Caelys-Paul Putoko, Carson Edwards, Maxwell Steel and Lennox Gray
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Cameron Ritchie (left) and Joshua Flett take the baton to run their leg of the Year 10 race.
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Caylus Brighouse (Year 10) and George Unsworth (Year 10) battle it out in the final leg of the Year 10 race, won by Bennett (Red). Bennett wins the Year 10 50m relay
Big picture
Year 11s preparing for their race. L-R in skins: Fox Tamou, Harvey Valler, Levi Cressy-Baggott, Thomas Marchant, Cory Lansdown (black), Sam Boros (red)
Sutherland wins the Year 11 race
Big picture
Angus Valler begins his leg of the Year 12 race
Big picture
Ethan Morris (Year 12) explodes off the start line
Sutherland wins the Year 12 race
Big picture
Semisi Koroibuleka passes the baton to Nicholas Audas-Ryan in the Year 13 race, while Caleb Houghton has a hold on the baton for his team
Big picture
Takeomi Nishiura (Black) is all concentration as he is about to receive the baton for Sutherland, while Blake Morgan (Red) readies himself to run his leg of the Year 13 race
Big picture
George Butcher (Black) and Blake Morgan (Red) are up next
Sutherland wins the Year 13 race
Big picture
Jahmal Enright (Year 9) and Austin Lupton (Year 12) await starter's orders to begin the final race of the evening, the 5 x 100m race, won by Sutherland House. If only Bosco Cheng (Year 11) had run the bend on the penultimate leg......!!

Argyle House - Hamilton BHS Athletics Sports Champions 2019, Porritt Stadium, Wednesday 27th February

Argyle House dominated in both Track and Field events throughout the day, to win the overall Athletic Sports House competition, picking up the maximum 12 points on offer. This lifts us to 3rd equal overall, after 2 events, 7 points behind Taylor House who are leading the competition.

Individual Championship and House Results

Senior Championship

1st place: Charles Annals, Baigent, 80 pts

2nd = Andrew Carr, Steel, 64

2nd = Harry Russ, Argyle, 64

4th Tyron Hilton, Wilson, 52

5th Jayden Horscroft, Steel, 48

Intermediate Championship

1st place: Liam McKee, Taylor, 68 pts

2nd Ollie Main, Baigent, 62

3rd Cole McClure, Taylor, 54

4th Joseph Morgan, Taylor, 52

5th Cody Nordstrom, Argyle, 48

Junior Championship

1st place: Liam Davis, Wilson, 86 pts

2nd Johno O’Brien, Argyle, 66

3rd Dylan Brown, Argyle, 56

4th Josh Syme, Argyle, 55

5th Caelys-Paul Putoko, Argyle, 54

House Standings Overall after 2 events (Swimming & Athletics)

1st Taylor 21pts

2nd Wilson 16

3rd = Argyle 14

3rd = Steel 14

5th Baigent 11

6th Tait 8

Big picture
Jahmal Enright (Year 9) is all smiles as he congratulates Caelys-Paul Putoko (Year 9) who has just won the Junior Championship 100m Final, with Jahmal a close runner-up
Big picture
L-R: The 3 Year 9 finalists from Argyle House in the Junior Championship 100m final, who have just completed their race. Rangiwai Lunjevich (8th place), Jahmal Enright (2nd) and Caelys-Paul Putoko (1st place)
Big picture
Cody Nordstrom (Year 12) after having just won the Intermediate Championship 100m final. Cody finished in 5th place overall in the Intermediate Championship placings on 48 points
Big picture
Harry Russ (Year 12) competes in the final of the Senior Championship High Jump. Harry finished 2nd equal overall in the Senior Championship with a total of 64 points.
Big picture
Some of the Argyle 2000m Junior Steeplechase athletes on completion of their gruelling race in the midday heat. Angus Reeves (Year 9) is wet from top to bottom after taking a plunge at the water-jump!

L-R: Taylor Sherlock (Year 9), Angus Reeves (Year 9), Carson Edwards (Year 9), Harrison Grainger (Year 9), Ashan Barr (Year 10) and Magnus Nelson (Year 9)

Big picture
Hakaraia Richards-Coxhead (Year 13) throws the shot put in the Senior Championship final, despite an injured shoulder
Big picture
Nicholas Audas-Ryan (Year 13) prepares to throw the shot put in the Senior Championship final
Big picture
Grayson Carley throws the shot put in the Year 11 non-championship competition
Big picture
Bosco Cheng (Year 11) tries to make the qualifying mark to receive 3 points for Argyle House in the non-championship shot put event
Big picture
Zion Wipaki-McLarin (Year 10) prepares to throw the Discus in the Intermediate Championship competition
Big picture
Argyle House waiting patiently in the grandstand to hear the final results and placings from the announcer at the end of the Athletics Sports

NZ Super 8 Schools Tennis Championships, hosted by Hamilton BHS, Monday 25th - Wednesday 27th February

Hamilton BHS entered two teams into this year's championship. Lachie Ross (Year 11) was captain of Team 2, which finished in 5th place overall and included 2 other players from Argyle House: Max Chow (Year 12) and Cole Northcott (Year 12).

Team 1 won the title for the 3rd consecutive year.

Big picture
Lachie Ross (Year 11) backhands the ball in his fixture vs Napier BHS.
Big picture
Max Chow (Year 12) prepares to play his backhand stroke against Napier BHS
Big picture
Cole Northcott (Year 12) winds up his forehand as he plays against his opposite from Napier BHS

School Links emails to Parents/Caregivers from Hamilton BHS

HBHS Year 9 Father & Son Breakfast

Emailed to Parents/Caregivers Friday 1st March

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Please find attached an invitation to our 2019 Yr 9 Father and Son Breakfast.

Ticket numbers are limited! Be quick to avoid disappointment.

Hamilton Boys' High School has attached a .pdf file to this email:


Robert Pereira Seminar

Emailed to Parents/Caregivers Friday 1st March

Dear Parents/Caregivers

On Wednesday, March 6th, at 7.00pm you are invited to come and listen to Robert Pereira present a seminar on "Internet Addiction Disorder".

This will be a very interesting presentation as you guide your son through his teenage years. We believe it is a very relevant topic to our young men at HBHS.

The presentation will take place in the Senior Study Centre (In the main administration block) and will conclude at about 9.00pm.

The cost of the presentation is $15pp. Please pay cash at the door.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Below is a link where you can find out more about Robert Pereira who is a bullying prevention consultant who works in NZ Schools. He will be working with all of our Year 9 boys and Argyle House boys while he is with us next week.

HBHS Maths Buddy Login Details

Emailed to Parents/Caregivers Friday 1st March

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Login details for those students who signed up for Maths Buddy will be available from Tutor Teachers on Friday, 1st March.

Thank you
Raewyn Steffert
Learning Support


Emailed to Parents/Caregivers Monday 25th February

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Please find attached a flyer about our new, free of charge, HBHS App, with instructions on how to download this onto your device. This is accessible from today.

You will receive an email today with your password for accessing the App.

Please follow the below links if you need assistance:-
Downloading the app --
Syncing an app Calendar Event to your personal calendar --

Submitting an Absentee from App --

Kind regards
Kristin Rillstone
Office Manager

Hamilton Boys' High School has attached a .pdf file to this email:


HBHS Market Day

Emailed to Parents/Caregivers Wednesday 20th February

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Please find attached information regarding our upcoming Market Day.

Thank you.

Hamilton Boys' High School has attached a .pdf file to this email:


Defensive Driving with Evolve Driver Training

Emailed to Parents/Caregivers Tuesday 5th February

Defensive Driving with Evolve Driver Training - Courses for Term 1 are as follows:-

Term 1

Monday, 11 Feb (11, 14, 18 & 21 Feb)

Monday 11 March (11, 14, 18 & 21 March)

Holiday course - starting 15 April 2019 (15, 18, 22 & 25 Apr)

Register on Evolve website:

HBHS Mobile Dental Unit

Emailed to Parents/Caregivers Tuesday 29th January

Dear Parents/Caregivers

The Mobile Dental Unit will be based at Hamilton Boys' High School again this year between Monday 18 February and Friday 26 April.

Please find attached a letter outlining the services provided. The letter asks you to email the Mobile Dental Unit co-ordinator to indicate whether or not you wish to take up this offer.

Thank you.

Hamilton Boys' High School has attached a .pdf file to this email:


Housekeeping Issues

The Masters have noticed a small number of boys returning from weekend leave in their number 1s with their tie not tied properly, or their tie not covering their top button or arriving with their top button undone. Can all Parents/Caregivers please reinforce the expectation that all boys are to return wearing their uniform correctly as they are our greatest advertisement in promoting the standards and expectations of Argyle House when in the public eye. This includes wearing black socks under their number 1s. Boys presenting themselves to check in that don't meet this standard may be given a job to complete on their return with repeat offenders given a Community Service. This has been mentioned and reinforced at numerous House meetings. Thank you for your support.

Important Dates:


Monday 4th - Thursday 7th:

Robert Pereira 'Bully Prevention' Student, Boarder and Staff workshops

Wednesday 6th

7.00 - 9.00pm: Robert Pereira Seminar (Senior Study Centre) on 'Internet Addiction Disorder'

Thursday 7th

10.00am - 2.00pm: Argyle House Open Day

Tuesday 12th

6.50 - 8.20am: Father & Son Breakfast, meet in the HBHS Hall

Friday 15th

Photos: Summer Sports Teams, Argyle House, Year 13

5.30pm: Hostel closes for Set Leave 2

Sunday 17th:

5.30pm: Hostel re-opens after Set Leave 2

Monday 25th - Friday 29th March:

Summer Tournament Week


Friday 5th

Argyle House Year 9 2020 Enrolments close

Sports Photos: Rowing & Summer Elite Teams

Tuesday 9th:

Westlake BHS Sports Exchange (Hamilton)

Friday 12th

Final day of Term 1

5.30pm: Hostel closes for the term

Term 2


Monday 29th


5.30pm: Hostel re-opens for the start of Term 2

7.30pm: All boys to have returned, unless returning Tuesday morning by 8.00am

Tuesday 30th

First day of school Term 2

Our two Argyle House Parent Representatives for you to contact about any hostel matters

Mrs Shay-Lee Wylie (Te Kuiti)

Feel free to contact me by email

Mr Alistair Reeves (Te Akau)

Feel free to contact me by email