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October 2019

Message from Mrs. Thomsen

Dear Del Cerro parents and guardians,

All Del Cerro students have an ST Math account and spend a minimum of 30 minutes per week accessing the program. I want to share some information and resources with you so that you can, if desired, have your child use the program at home as well.

With ST Math, students play computer games designed to teach math. They can play games at home on devices with internet access. We encourage you to have your child play the games to review and practice the math skills learned in ST Math.

You must make sure only the child with the ST Math account plays the games. Your child can access ST Math the same way he or she does at school. The ST Math puzzles start simple and then get more challenging as your child progresses through the levels. When they reach a challenging problem, your child should try solving the problem and use the visual feedback provided to help them figure out why their answer did or did not work. The immediate feedback provided with each puzzle will help students figure out how to solve the problems.

If your child is struggling, you can help them by asking them questions about what they see happening on the screen. The goal of ST Math is to promote problem-solving. Therefore, please do not give your child the correct answer to get them past the game with which they are struggling.

If you have questions, please ask your child’s classroom teacher.

Your partner in education,

Mrs. Thomsen

ST Math - Visual Math Program - See the Math and Grow

Mystery Guest

Tyson Koedel

Mrs. Cavanaugh


25 September 2019

Mystery Guest

Yesterday, a mystery visitor named Ms. Brown came into our classroom. First, we had to guess what her occupation was by playing 20 questions. After about 10 questions we guessed right. She was an archaeologist and explained she was also a paleontologist. Ms. Brown found ancient artifacts and dug up animals, too. She worked as an archaeologist and paleontologist for 40 years. One of the coolest things she found is a place where a tribe once lived. Another cool artifact Ms. Brown found was a whole kitchen set. She told us that the kitchen set looked like the tribe wanted to come back to it. She said that she dug with a jackhammer, then when she gets close to the artifact, she used small tools like brushes and dental picks. It as very fun listening and learning about Ms. Brown's job and what she found.

Ms. Brown Newspaper Article

Amanda Yuson

Mrs. Brick


26 September 2019

Ms. Brown Newspaper Article

On September 24, the amazing Ms. Brown came into our social studies class. She was an archaeologist and a paleontologist. Ms. Brown dug up many artifacts in many places. People in the class lined up to ask her questions about her work until they found out what her form of work was. Ms. Brown came to Mrs. Cavanaugh’s social studies class, to tell us about things she has found and interesting facts about being an archaeologist and a paleontologist.

Ms. Brown came to our class and told us about her line of work. She has found many prehistoric items such as kitchen tools, whale bones, shark teeth, human remains and more. She even found a shark jaw with a tooth still attached. The whale bones were about 2 million years old when Ms. Brown found them.

Ms. Brown went to many sites to dig up many different prehistoric artifacts for about 40 years! One interesting fact about Ms. Brown is that she decided to be an archaeologist and a paleontologist after her first son turned 14. She thought being one would be fun so, she went back to college to study archaeology and paleontology. Ms. Brown is a very interesting woman and has found many interesting items while she was an archaeologist and a paleontologist.

A message from Mrs. Denny, our new Librarian

Dear Del Cerro Families,

Over the last two weeks, I have had the pleasure of welcoming our students into Del Cerro’s newly remodeled library. It has been a joy meeting them and seeing their excitement about all the changes. Hopefully you had a chance to stop in during Back to School night to see what’s new. We also invite you to attend the Book Fair, which will be held in the library in early November. Thank you to all who fundraised, designed, and created such an inviting and beautiful space!

One of my primary goals for the year is to help foster a love of reading in your child. With that in mind, I ask that you please consider donating any of your children’s books at home that they enjoyed and are willing to donate to our library collection. Providing as many choices as possible, especially current and popular selections, is one of the easiest ways to spark an interest in reading. Anything I am unable to place in our collection will be offered to teachers for their classroom libraries or donated to the Mission Viejo Friends of the Library bookstore. Please drop donations off in the front office any time throughout the school year.

In addition to reading and checking out books in the library, students will be doing Makerspace activities, book talks, book tastings, and playing games, along with regular library lessons. I introduced them to our online catalog (we have been using Destiny Discover in the library) and invite you to look at it at home as well. Please go to > Del Cerro Elementary > Catalog > Destiny Discover (select it in the upper left side once you get to the main catalog). It is a fun way to search and they have enjoyed exploring the catalog and learning how to find the books they want by call number. Check out the search by topic option with your kids.

Thank you for helping take care of our library books at home and returning them on time!

Betsy Denny

Library Media Clerk

Important Dates:

**Each Wednesday school dismisses at 1:15

October 2: Flag/Student Recognition Assembly 8:30-9:00, MPR

October 2: Wacky Wednesday popsicle sale, front of the school during dismissal

October 2: Reflections due, MPR

October 9: Fall Recess-No School

October 16: Wacky Wednesday popsicle sale, front of the school during dismissal

October 17: District Disaster Drill (Great California Shakeout)

October 17: District Board Meeting, 6pm

October 21: PTA sponsored Dine-Out at Chik Fil A

October 22: Picture Make-Up Day

October 24: 5th-grade fundraiser: Pumpkin City

October 21: Red Ribbon Week

November 1: District Staff Professional Learning Day-No School

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