Teddy Bear Tracker

Your stuffed animals will never disappear!

About our product

This teddy bear tracker is not just for teddy bears , it is for any child's stuffed animal. Has your child ever lost a stuffed animal? Were the temper tantrums painfull? Well that's what we are here for. You simply purchase your teddy bear tracker for a massive price of $14.99. Then you once you get home and open your teddy bear tracker you place it in inside your teddy bear and go grab your smartphone. Then, you go on the App Store and download the free teddy bear tracker app. Once it is downloaded the app looks for the tracker and your stuffed animals will never disappear again. And if you do not have a smartphone we have a website where you enter the barcode number and can look on the website as well as the smartphone for the teddy bear if it were ever to be misplaced. Our website is www.teddybeartracker.com.