A Pup-date

from Mrs. Mahoney, Hank and Shug

Do you have an upcoming middle school student??

Heading to middle school can be both exciting and frightening for both the student and parents. I found a wonderful article on The Washington Post that lists the "Top 10 Skills Middle School Students Need to Thrive, and How Parents Can Help". It contains ideas about how to manage such things as: a student-teacher mismatch, creating organization and homework systems, helping students learn to self advocate, and making responsible choices. Click on the link below for the full article!

A report from Sugar Bear.....also known as Shug.

I've been coming to school on Mondays-Thursdays for over a month now! Did you know that Assistant School Counselors have the best job in the world?? I'm trying my best to show everyone that I can be a calm and obedient one-year-old. (Sometimes I can't help myself though and I just have to jump up. I'm working on that.) I know what it means when Mom puts my blue vest on. It means KIDS! I want to thank everyone for welcoming me so kindly to this "job". I'm going to really miss the kiddos over the summer...but here are a few pictures to tide you over until next August.

Summer Fun Anyone??

If you are looking for some family summer activity ideas. Click on the link below for a listing of activities in this area. Some have a cost - some do not.

Enjoy these last weeks of school and have a safe and happy summer!