Webster Central School District

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December 7, 2021

Dear Webster Schroeder and Webster Thomas High School Families,

You have undoubtedly seen local or national news stories over the past few months regarding social media use and its consequences for schools. Webster CSD is seeing the same increase in disruptive social media posts. In the last 24 hours, our district has been working with the Webster Police Department to investigate a concerning social media post that has been deemed a non-credible threat by the police department.

We bring this situation to your attention for two reasons. First, we are thoroughly investigating and responding when students or adults bring an issue to our attention. Harassment and threats, including those posted online, will not be tolerated in our school community. Any involved students will face disciplinary consequences in accordance with the district’s Code of Conduct. Please continue to remind your children that when they see something (or hear something), they should say something. Second, we ask that you talk to your children about how technology, including the responsible use of social media, is affecting the relationships they have with their friends, classmates, and family. Here are some digital citizenship resources to support these conversations: https://www.smore.com/0ncxr.

As a reminder, Webster CSD is enrolled in Safe School Helpline, a toll-free number anyone can call to anonymously report health and safety concerns. The number, 1-800-4-1-VOICE, ext. 359, is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Reports may also be made by texting the word "TIPS" to 614-426-0240 or online at safeschoolhelpline.com. The company also has introduced the Safe School Helpline app, available for both Apple and Android devices. This app quickly gives users all three options for reporting valuable information.

Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership as we continue to place the safety of our students and staff as our highest priority.


Brian Neenan

Superintendent of Schools

Dennis Kohlmeier

Chief of Police, Webster Police Department