Louisiana Purchase

What did the Americans think?

Where was the land and who bought it?

The Louisiana purchase was one of the biggest purchases of land in history that was when we got the biggest part of the United States. We bought 820,000 square miles from France. It was 1/3 of the "lower 48" states.Thomas Jefferson didn't want the France to be "neighbors" with the United States the thought of that made him worried. So Thomas decided to buy the land from the French. A lot of negotiation had to be made but in the end they would get the land!
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Research Question

What did the Americans think about the purchase?

I think that the Americans may have been apprehensive about the purchase. Also I think it may have been half and half, like half of the Americans liked the purchase and half may have been upset. I think the people that were happy were happy because they would not have the "neighbors" (France) so close next to them. I think that the upset people may have been upset because it was a really big purchase and there was unknown territory over there. Also they wouldn't know what to expect and they would maybe have to move west and that may end up having problems. In the end I think that it was a good purchase because today we make use of the land and it makes up the United States. Also the purchase is beneficial to them because they have more land to do things like farm and when they get a surplus they can sell and make money. That helps the economy.

Why did France sell the land?

A French political leader named Napoleon Bonaparte needed money for his wars of conquest in Europe. So he sold the land to the United States because he needed the money.