Catlin Live Well Challenge

Week #2

And so it begins...

Our Live Well Challenge is off to a great start! Thank you for everyone's support in getting this challenge off and running. I have heard many great stories of individuals who have made an effort to begin exercising and others who renewed their commitment to continue working out each day. The Live Well Team wishes you a healthy year! Get those minutes in!

Bonus Challenge #2

Are you ready?

Congratulations to everyone who participated and conquered the Operation Hydration Challenge! This week's challenge is about healthy eating. You are personally challenged to eat your daily recommend serving of fruits and vegetables for at least three days between Friday and Thursday. You pick the three days. If you do this, you earn 30 more bonus points! And, you can wear your jeans on Thursday with your special sticker.

How to participate:

1. Follow the links below to learn about your personal fruit and vegetable requirements.

2. Pick three days where you will eat your recommended amount. (If you have dietary restrictions, it is up to you to eat what is best for you.)

3. Add your 30 points to your weekly point total.