Sitting Bull

Medicine Man

The story of Sitting Bull

Sitting Bull was a leading sioux warrior. Sioux warrior is a medicine man of the Hunkpapa Tenton.

When he collected his first coups aganist the crow. Sitting Bull took place in may wars. It was told that Sitting Bull saw of the Little BigHorn battle. Sitting Bull lead two thousand Sioux to northern Canada and to Freedom. only starvation made him surrender in 1881. Sitting Bull was kept as a prisoner at fort Randall, South Dakota until 1883. He encouraged the first Ghost Dance on Standing Rock Reservation. On December 15, 1890 Indian Police took him and his son as prisoners. The Indian Police shot both of them to death. Killing Sitting bull December 15, 1890.

"God made me an Indian"

-Sitting Bull

Time Line

  • 1831: Returns again son is born
  • 1845: Hunkesni counts first coup and earns the name Sitting Bull
  • 1864: Sand creek massacre takes place
  • 1866-67: Red Clouds war for Boze man trial takes place
  • 1868: Treaty of laramie establishies the great Sioux Reservation in the western part of Dakota territory
  • 1874: Blackhills are invaded by american settelers after gold is discovered
  • 1876: Battle of the little Big Horn (Greasy Grass)takes place
  • 1881: Sitting Bull surrenders to U.S officals and is taken to fort Randall, Dakota territory
  • 1889: The greats Sioux Reservarion is broken up
  • 1890: Sitting Bull is killed,December 15, during arrest
  • 1890: Sitting Bull is killed,December 15, during arrest

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