Imperialism Lessons Learned

What Should The World Have Learned from Imperialism?

1.) Imperialism helped countries make money by selling products that were made cheaper in lands that were taken over. For example, food, clothes, medicine (quinine), jewelry was made in other countries.


2.) Countries gained Power through imperialism by getting land, growing or make new products and selling them for a profit. For example, They grew cotton, harvested sugar, peanuts, bananas, and cocoa. They also found gold and diamonds and sold them.


3.) As countries took over, people started to rebel in the countries that were being taken over. For example, in Africa the tribes would attack the explorers, in India the sepoys rebelled because the English put beef and pork fat on their cartridges which was against their religious belief to not touch those things, and people of Rwanda started killing each other because of the class differences given to them by the Belgian.