Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

October 20th

What is going on?

Writing: This week we get to use the research we conducted last week to help us create non-fiction (all about) books. Our books will help teach the community about the local Round Rock landmarks of which we have learned.

Spelling Words this week: also, cold, five, going, hope, never, school, today


In Reader’s Workshop, we will be noticing nonfiction text features. This will be helpful with our ALL About books and researching through our Project Based Learning.

Math: This week we will review subtraction and addition strategies we have learned so far- part part whole, counting on, open number line, base ten, friendly numbers, and doubles. We will have an assessment at the end of the week!

Social Studies: Students will learn the concepts of time and chronology by researching historic events and famous Americans. We will explore the past and present (then & now), by looking at pictures from history and comparing them to our lives, now. While researching, we will record specific dates and apply them to a digital timeline. Students will understand why certain events are recorded in history.

Thank you very much to Karen Vest for ordering and handling the class t-shirts! They are beautiful! Let's rock them tomorrow at assembly! Class Spirit!!

I definitely have the cream of the crop! Thank you very much for all of the supplies to make butter! The kids and I had a blast! Enjoy the pictures of them sampling!


October 21st- K-2 Assembly

Oct.24-28th DARE Week-

October 26th 1/2 day-

November 3rd- TAG Information Night

November 18th Field Day

Sommer Stallions, is your Reflections entry ready? All grades and all abilities welcome to participate in the fine arts. Reflect on this year's theme - “What Is Your Story?” And submit an entry that relates to the theme. Students can submit entries in six categories: Visual Arts, Literature, Musical Composition, Film production, Dance Choreography and Photography. Student entry forms and guidelines can be found here. All entries can be dropped in the Reflections red box in the hallway (across the stairs) starting Oct 19th. The last date for submissions is Oct 28, 2016.

IMP: Household member or Student entering must be a PTA member to participate.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact Priya Arunkumar at

DARE Week-

Monday - "I'm a JEAN-ius! No drugs for me!" - Students are encouraged to wear jeans and red tops to show support for Red Ribbon Week

Tuesday - "SOCK it to drugs!" - Students are encouraged to wear crazy socks

Wednesday - "TEAM up against drugs!" - Students are encouraged to wear their favorite sports shirt or a Sommer t-shirt

Thursday - "Say PEACE OUT to Drugs!" - Students are encouraged to wear tie dye and peace signs

Friday - "Let's be CRAZY about being drug free!" - Students are encouraged to have crazy hair