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8 Tips to stage your home for selling

1) Clean your front porch and door and it’s called curb appeal.

2) Say goodbye to clutter! All that stuff on the kitchen counter must go, if you cannot throw it out, hide it!

3) Float your furniture in the room, resist the urge to push it up against the wall, this makes the room look larger.

4) Remove a non-essential pieces of furniture from each room to make the room look larger.

5) Lighting! So important, make sure the windows are clean and let the sunshine in. Replace burnt out light bulbs, a good rule of thumb is 100 watts for every 50 sq ft.

6) You may love purple or orange but paint the walls a neutral colour.

7) You may love your dog or cat and may not even notice the smell, keep pet toys and beds clean and hidden

8) Clean, clean, clean the home, reorganize cupboards, limit personal photos and kids paintings.

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