Scribble News

October Edition

Teacher Of The Year

Ms.Marcus is teacher of the year. A child named Lonnie C. Motion submitted Ms.Marcus (his teacher) to be teacher of the year because of helping him through rough times. " She really understanded and listened to me when i was depressed."

So Channel 7 news went to the school Ms.Marcus teaches at and saw how good of a teacher she really is.

She has the characteristics every teacher should have. She is thoughtful,kind, and appreciative.Every morning they start off with poetry to express their thoughts and feelings.

We asked a boy in her class named Angel and asked him "What do you like about poetry?" "Well its a great way to start the morning." He said, he also said that Ms. Marcus always gives them tips on how to make poetry sound better.

Ms. Marcus has been teaching for over 5 years and what we can tell is that she is a teacher that will make everyone succeed.

Picture Caption: shows a teacher of the year plaque

Halloween Dance

Friday, Oct. 31st 2014 at 7-10pm

Claverage Middle School


Who: everyone that goes to Claverage MIddle School

What: Social/Dance

Come for our Scary Haunted House

Tickets are 5 dollars at the door!