The Columbian Exchange

By: Todd Lewis

The Columbian Exchange is a thing where people trade stuff like food to some poor people and I support it for 3 reasons. 1. Trading Stuff. I think trading stuff is awesome because there are people who are very poor. 2. The Potatoes. The main food to eat was the potatoes and when they traded it people ate it. 3. Trading Clothes. Some people need clothes and are very poor so it is a very happy moment for them when they get clothes. How ever I do have a lot of problems and negative things to say about the Columbian Exchange. 1. Sometimes people played tricks on people when they traded things and people laughed. 2. People being mean. Some people did not want to give their things to other people because they wanted to keep their things. 3. Things that people brought to them. Some people brought things that nobody could have so they were pretty much useless.

Vote for it!

The Columbian Exchange is a big racket.I support it because Spanish Explorers traveled on many awesome journeys.They tried to get some gold by going on lots of long journeys

to get the gold that they were looking for. I think you should vote for the Columbian Exchange. It is a nice way to trade stuff with people who are very poor.