my freshman year

by: Marlenne Estrada

english 1

Ms. halusek

period 2

3 may 2016

freshman year!!

My first year in high school helped me learn new things. We read short stories, a play, and a book. we also had goals that helped us improve throughout the year.

everything was new

My experience as a freshman at Joliet west high school have prepared me for the challenges ahead and shaped my views of the world.

The Scarlet Ibis, Class text

'The Scarlet Ibis,' a short story by James Hurst, its a sad story of a child born with a serious medical condition who overcomes some of his challenges only to be run to death by his older brother.

what i learned

i shouldn't be influenced or pushed by others

  • "The faster i walked, the faster he walked so i began to run"

Impacted my Way of Thinking?

now i know people do things differently and i shouldn't follow their path and do the same thing they're doing.

Goal 1

i can properly introduce textual evidence.

this will impact me in my future classes because i will know how to introduce evidence in my future classes for essays.

Goal 2

i can employ proper MLA format

this will help me in my future classes for English class for when i have to write something for the class

essential question

my experiences influence my choices by taking what i learned and choosing the correct choice


the scarlet ibis connects to this question because the older brother learned from his experience not to push people to the breaking point

  • "'Let's go, Doodle,' i said. He didn't answer... i screamed above the pounding storm and threw his body to the earth above his for a long time, it seemed forever"

writing example, "Oedipus Rex" theme analysis

this writing example reflects my growth as a writer because in the beginning of the year i was having trouble with writing the thesis and the more i practiced with other essays i wrote i got better

  • "In 'Oedipus Rex', Sophocles used irony to show that fate will always be fate no matter free will"

Ready for the next three years

I've learned new skills this first year of high school. This will help me through out my next 3 years. My goals for the next three years of high school is to get good grades. learn more about what i want to do in the future. this year helped me learn a little more about what i want to do and helped me grow and learn new things for the thee years.