Borders and Powers

Sushma Penupala


Borders are a line or a physical boundary separating two political or geographical areas, esp. countries. They define where one thing starts and where it ends.

The political region is controlled by the government: depending on the border line you have that type of government, for example, a border outlining a state; state government. Another example is the border between Texas and Mexico is the Rio Grande River.


Powers are in which people gain them from either being given to or passed on to. Political power is the power the government has that allows them to control or enforce behavior. Each political region has a sovereign government and they have the final say in everything.

Each political region may have levels of government and each government has different powers. For example, like in the US, there is the federal gov., state government., county government., and local government.


In the this Balance of Power project there will be three aspects or mini-projects. Balance of Power, Ukraine crisis, and Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Each mini-project will explain the importance of the topic or current situation.
Balance of Power

This is a prezi over the Balance of Power of the UK country

Ukrainian Crisis

Explains the situation in Ukraine presented by a smore

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

This a flowboard about the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis