Photoshop Foundations $99

Photoshop Foundations will cover the basic skills needed to take your raw images from their "straight out of camera" look to a competition quality final result.

To begin, we will briefly discuss computer builds and how to get the most computer for your money. This will be short, but helpful in your future endeavors.

We will then cover workflow from backup procedures to file organization. This short segment is vital to safeguarding your work and reputation.

The heart of this class will be the Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) process. This step ultimately controls the outcome of one's images and is vital for quality work. Much of this portion of the class is designed to take the guess work out of processing. While this is comprehensive I will explain it in easy to understand and easy to follow steps.

Finally we will import our converted images into Photoshop and cover basic retouching and enhancement techniques that provide professionals quality results. This too will be comprehensive but will be easy to follow. A list of recommended plugins and filters will be sent to the students prior to the class.

As with all of my classes, flexibility is paramount. I am open to questions and am glad to customize the class to the needs of the students

This is not an advanced class but does require that the students have a basic understanding of Photoshop. We will not be going over how to install Adobe Photoshop or how to turn on your computer. So please have those things figured out before you get there.

We will be using the latest version of Photoshop CC for the class. You may use an older version if you would like though. Most all of the techniques discussed are available in all recent versions of PS but for continuity, I would recommend downloading the free trial for use in this class.

Photoshop Foundations $99

Sunday, Oct. 5th, 9am

2719 Neuse Blvd

New Bern

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.