Juleigh Sitton

Former Trustee

Juleigh Sitton

In 2012 Juleigh Sitton worked as a Consultant and Assistant to the President at Kellex, Inc., in Valdese, NC. While in this position, she assisted with a special project involving measuring productivity with a particular multiplier and other indicators. She also worked with corporate ownership toward taking the concept to fruition, securing a patent and securing national marketing leadership

Juleigh Sitton - Presidential Search

Juleigh Sitton once served as Chair of the Board of Trustees at Western Piedmont Community College. While in this position, she led a national search for a new President of the college. As reported by The News Herald in Morganton, North Carolina in June of 2007.

“I think it's critical to have input from the community, the board, faculty, staff and students about what they want in a president," said Juleigh Sitton, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the college. "There's a reason it's called a community college and we want to remember that when we're choosing a new president." Prior to turning the search process over to a committee, the Board of Trustees decided it wants someone with a doctoral degree and five years of experience working in higher education, Sitton said. Juleigh Sitton said the board wants someone with strong leadership skills who works well with all kinds of people and who places an emphasis on serving the students.”

The search ended with the election of Dr. Jim Burnett, who recently left the college with Emeritus President status, as told on a press release on WPCC’s website:

“Emeritus Status is an honorary designation for retired persons who have rendered exemplary service to the College as a member of the faculty or staff. Emeritus Status is conferred by the Trustees on the recommendation of the President of the College. In the 50 years in the life of the College, only 17 individuals have been presented this esteemed award.”

Juleigh Sitton - Fontana Dam

Juleigh Sitton works as the Municipal Attorney for the town of Fontana Dam, which was just incorporated in 2011, despite a history that dates all the way back to 1942. The National Park Service described the area as so on their website:

“At 480 ft., Fontana Dam is the tallest concrete dam east of the Rocky Mountains. The dam impounds the Little Tennessee River forming Fontana Lake and produces hydroelectric power. Reservoir size is approximately 11,700 acres. There is a shoreline of about 240 miles. You will enjoy beautiful scenery in the area. Fontana Dam is located near Fontana Village, North Carolina.

A visitor center operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is open from early May until late October. Fontana Lake offers boating and fishing and access to remote, historic areas of the park like Hazel Creek and Eagle Creek.

Directions: Follow U.S. 74 west from Bryson City. Turn right at the State Highway 28 turnoff. Follow State Highway 28 until the turnoff to the right for Fontana Dam. From Maryville, follow U.S. 129 south. Turn left at State Highway 28. Go approximately 10 miles to the turnoff on the left for Fontana Dam.”

In a write-up done by www.visitnc.com, 2011 marked the incorporation of a town and its need to establish government positions, hence Juleigh Sitton’s new position as Municipal Attorney:

In a write-up done by www.visitnc.com, 2011 marked the incorporation of a town and its need to establish government positions, hence Juleigh Sitton’s new position as Municipal Attorney:

The town will employ a Town Clerk and Manager with plans to bring police, fire rescue and public works on in the future. The town has appointed an interim mayor and council members in anticipation of its first official election scheduled for November 08, 2011. Fontana Village Resort has offered the use of its events hall for both meeting space and election polling in the fall.

Juleigh Sitton - History of Davidson

Juleigh Sitton is a legal professional who received her undergraduate education at Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina. Originally from Morganton, she liked her new college setting after graduating from high school; and she became fond of the area as well as the new academic experience she was gaining at an institution with a rich history. Below is an excerpt from the Davidson College website, explaining the beginnings of Davidson College:

“Established in 1837 by Presbyterians of North Carolina, Davidson is a liberal arts college dedicated to cultivating human instincts and disciplined, creative minds. As a college that welcomes students, faculty, and staff from a variety of nationalities, ethnic groups, and traditions, Davidson values every kind of diversity, recognizing the dignity and worth of every person while providing a range of opportunities for worship, civil debate, and teaching that enrich mind and spirit. Davidson challenges students to engage in service to prepare themselves for lives of growth and giving.

At Davidson, the history of the college energizes campus life through traditions that connect current students with the college's rich heritage.”

Juleigh Sitton enjoyed her time at Davidson, and earned herself the grades needed to be accepted into law school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Now, she lives in Asheville and works as an attorney in general practice as well as the Municipal Attorney for the town of Fontana Dam.

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Stay in School

The job market continues to be competitive and technology advances with each passing year, thus making it important for students to complete their education. Staying in school is one of the most important things you can accomplish for yourself, especially when it comes to achieving success in life. Dropping out, on the other hand, can greatly impact your chances of living the kind of life you dream of.

Employment opportunities

While there are high profile instances of people who dropped out of school and still went on to find career success, they are the exception rather than the norm. For a large majority of the working population, completing education was a requisite for employment.

Earning potential

Dropping out of school puts you at a disadvantage when it comes to earning potential. According to past numbers put out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people who complete school make distinctly more than those who drop out in the early stages of school life (high school). Over the course of a lifetime, individuals without high school diplomas earn significantly less than if they would have completed school.

Work skills

Staying in school enables you to perfect some skills that will come handy in the job market. Being able to stick it out through school not only demonstrates your problem-solving and communication skills, it also shows employers that you can be relied upon to see a task to its completion. As the job market shifts in favor of specialization, the skills honed in school will be crucial to finding employment.

Juleigh Sitton is a hardworking and qualified attorney and consultant currently in private practice in Asheville, NC.

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Tips on How to Lower Your Property Tax

Property tax can be quite expensive for homeowners. Even if you have paid off the mortgage on your home, you will still need to pay the ever-increasing property tax. The good news, however, is that homeowners can do a couple of things to reduce the amount they pay in property tax. Here are some valuable tips you can use.

Review Your Property Tax Card

The town hall keeps your property tax card, and the amount of tax you pay is determined by the various information that are recorded on your property tax card. You can go to the town hall and request a copy of your property tax card. The card has all the information about your home that includes its exact dimension, number of rooms, dimensions of rooms, type and number of fixtures in the house.

It also shows any improvements carried out in the house, the location of the house, etc. Review the property tax card and check for any discrepancies in the details recorded on the card, and if there are any discrepancies, address them with the tax assessor. Mistakes are common, so if there are any mistakes, it will be rectified on the card.

Weigh the Costs of a New Addition to the Structure

If you are planning to build a pool or another room, it is good to weight the costs. Check how much the new addition to the building will cost, and how much more property tax you will be paying because of the new construction. You can ask the local building and tax department how much extra you will need to pay, and they will be able to give you a rough estimate. Based on this you can either go ahead or drop your plans for the extension.


The tax assessor will come to your property to evaluate how much tax you will need to pay. The assessment is determined to a certain degree on the amount of subjectivity. The more attractive your home is when compared to your neighbor’s home, the more you will be paying via property tax. Do not make any physical improvements to the property prior to the evaluation process as this will increase the amount you will have to pay property tax.

Juleigh Sitton served as the Commissioner of the North Carolina Property Tax Commission from 2006 to 2008.

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How to Be a Great Consultant

Being a consultant is not easy, it means you will have to leave the comforts of a secure job and take on the uncertain world of independent contracting. It is something that requires persistence and courage. However with the right kind of skills and work ethics, you can become a great consultant. There are several qualities that you will need to adopt if you plan to become a consultant, and these are more important than you impressive resume. Here’s a couple of things you need to know.


Being reliable is the first and foremost quality that you need to have if you want to be a great consultant. While it might sound easy, there are several things involved in being reliable. It means managing your time properly and building up credibility with your clients. You will have to effectively handle tasks and deliver quality work with little or no supervision. The more reliable you are, the more opportunities will come your way.

Asking Questions

If you want to be a good consultant, you should be comfortable in asking questions. For you to understand the problem and offer solutions, you will need to ask several questions. Clients rarely have any problems with providing clarifications, they rather that you ask several questions than go off without asking any questions and do something wrong.

Juleigh Sitton is a consultant and attorney; she has mixed both aspects to become a successful consultant in western North Carolina.

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Juleigh Sutton – Mother-Daughter Duos

The special relationship between a mother and daughter can take many forms. Some mother-daughter duos make more memories and talk more than they spend time with their own closest friends. Others talk every two weeks, maybe less. Many pairs share everything about their lives, while some avoid discussing their personal matters like the plague.

A mother may be nosey and demanding at times because she feels like her daughter doesn’t listen to her enough. Often this prattle only pushes a child further away, especially during her adolescence. Luckily, mother-daughter relationships can be worked on and improved.

When reconciling after a clash, mothers should be the bigger person. Don’t wait for your daughter to make the first move. She is waiting for you bridge the gap anyways, unsure what to do or say in the aftermath of a fight. Daughter pick up on their mothers’ cues and apply them to their own lives, so show your child compassion and forgiveness. For the rest of their lives, they will uphold the same values embodied by their mothers, particularly during icy stages and hard times.

Also, don’t be rigid. Mothers and daughters should treat their relationships like a dance. When your partner shifts their movement, you should adjust. Being immovably stubborn or negative casts a shadow over parent-child relationships. It’s essential to honestly communicate your feelings and listen to one another.

When mother-daughter duos are truly a team – bounded by love, dignity and contentment – there is no better worldly pleasure. Juleigh Sitton loves to spend time with her daughter, often hiking with her, which gives them ample time to chat. She cherishes every moment.
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Juleigh Sitton – Target Audience

According to lawyer and legal consultant Juleigh Sitton, it is essential for business owners to appeal to a target audience. If you do not have your target customer in mind, then you cannot formulate an entertaining and effective marketing strategy to entice said customer.

No matter your line of business or hobby, there are tools of the trade. If you are a fisherman, there are special kinds of bait that work well on certain breeds of fish. Golfers use specific clubs to cater to the game’s exigencies. Like any hobby or sector, when it comes to advertising, a one-size-fits-all approach will never work. Attempting to sell to everyone will not rake in profits, most likely bankrupting your enterprise. It makes choosing a marketing medium burdensome and time-consuming, too. When you try to cater to everyone, no one is impressed.

Juleigh Sitton advises business owners to narrow down their audience. Come up with a specific target and speak to the target’s needs in an unambiguous, definitive manner. If you speak to customers’ needs in simple language, they are more likely to purchase your product or use your service. If your customer has to spend time figuring out if you are the answer to their prayers, you’ll probably lose the sale. The lost customer will move on to your competitor’s website because they communicated clearly that their business was the perfect solution.

Entrepreneurs should know the name, income, challenge and age of their target audience. Juleigh Sitton recommends that when you are coming up with a marketing strategy, ask yourself what would appeal to them. In a professional sense, it could be the most important question you pose.

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Juleigh Sitton – Your Newest Hobby

Juleigh Sitton is an American attorney and current resident of Vietnam, working as a teacher in the East Asian nation. She loves to hike. If you are trying to burn calories as well as work out muscles often neglected in the gym, then hiking should be your newest hobby. Hiking augments your fitness levels, improving cardio health and muscle strength, especially in your legs.

Making your way up a ridge or mountain’s rough, sloped terrain is no simple feat. Hiking engages multiple muscles resulting in calories burned and better aerobic health, working the gluteal muscles, hamstrings, quadriceps, abdominals, obliques, calves and lower back. It is important to note all these muscles reside below the chest. To work your arms and shoulders, use of hiking poles is encouraged.

During a hike, a number of factors determine how many calories are burned like your age, weight and fitness level. Also, carrying a pack and trekking at quicker speeds heightens fitness levels. The main requisite for serious hiking is cardiovascular endurance. If your chosen trail includes steady inclines, be prepared to huff and puff all the way through. Juleigh Sitton suggests taking yourself through several drills, like repeatedly climbing stairs or running on a treadmill, to prepare for the impending hike.

A well-rounded fitness regimen encourages strength training as well. Squats, with comfortable weights, give your leg muscles a taste of their limits, which will surely be tested during a steep or strenuous hike. It is also essential to build core strength.

Juleigh Sitton will hike until her legs give out. She thinks hiking is a great way to make unforgettable memories and it should be your newest hobby. This summer, Juleigh Sitton and her daughter plan on tackling the Inca Trail in Peru.

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Juleigh Sitton – Misconceptions Regarding Entrepreneurship

Attorney and independent legal consultant Juleigh Sitton believes there are many misconceptions regrading entrepreneurship. As more driven workers break away from their corporate jobs and found their own entrepreneurial ventures in the twenty-first century, she’s noticed a lot of myths and fallacies have risen around owning a business. Juleigh Sitton believes these misconceptions stem from shifting social culture, the media and strewed insights based on faulty research. Often, such information can lead individuals into entrepreneurship when they have no business doing so; or maintain a talented worker’s stagnation in a corporate job when he or she would be an excellent business owner.

It is not true that business owners have complete control over their schedules. Successful entrepreneurs may be living a life of leisure on your Instagram feed, but most put in long hours for years, when their business was in it’s infancy, to ensure their company’s future success. While it’s true that entrepreneurs are there own bosses, they are accountable to someone – a client, partners, or shareholders. Their schedules aren’t constantly, personally tailored.

Also, when a business owner starts with limited capital, they will take on many hats to keep the company afloat. But in areas an entrepreneur may not be well-trained to handle, it is more effective to hire an expert to take on the responsibility, so there are no unforeseen costs or liabilities. If a business needs a Web presence, it’s risky for the owner(s) to take on the job if they don’t know anything about coding or website design.

Juleigh Sitton maintains that there are many misconceptions regarding entrepreneurship. Don’t fall into any traps, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.
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