Everything you need to know about Ronaldo


Ronaldo is a very interesting person. Click here to learn more about the astonishing life of Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo

More facts about the awesome Cristiano Ronaldo.

Advice in how to get the correct cleats

Before you buy your cleats, check in the conditions you are mostly play soccer. If you are going to play in artificial grass then get cleats for artificial grass (AG). Second if you are going to play in real grass but it is mostly never wet then get cleats for firm ground (FG). Third, if you play in real grass but it is always wet and squishy or the ground is soft than get soft ground cleat (SG). This is extremely important because each special cleat gives you the perfect grip for the different type of ground.

Soccer Insperation

But before you learn about the great Cristiano Ronaldo, first learn about the soccer rules and everything you need to know about soccer. Click here to learn about soccer.


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How to dress to impress

If you're looking to play soccer for the first time, you need a few things to play in style. You need cleats to kick better and it preferably matches your colors, long soccer socks, and shin guards to protect your shins. That's how you should dress to impress in your soccer career. Down below are a few examples of the things you mainly need. The example below are just examples, and it does not need to be those colors.