I Am...

Jasiaha Boaz

My Life

14 years old. favorite band is maroon 5. Born 08-04-00. Favorite Singer is Adele. I have 7 Brothers and 2 sisters

Kilgore football!

My position in football is cornerback
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My favorite Actors are Hugh Jackman and Will Smith. and mark wahlburg

I Favor Hugh Jackman For the way he acts and the movies he plays in. I Favor Will Smith for how he acts.

My Favorite football Players

Richard Sherman, Tony Romo and Drew Brees

Dez Bryant My Favorite WR

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My favorite HB Demarco Murray

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Future car Lexus LFA

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Favorite Movies

Men In Black 3, The hobbit The Battle of the five armies, and the lord of the rings: return of the king

I play the banjo

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My Favorite Drink

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My Favorite Resturant

Churches Chicken
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Future Movies I want to see

My favorite show the walking dead

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