Activating Unified Persistent Prayer in Communities & Cities

It is time to Seek God for the City!

So many people need to learn to pray. It is shocking that so little is known in so many churches on how to hear from the Father and talk to the Father. In some churches, people have learned to pray, but many are not engaged in a regular practice or life of prayer. This lack of prayer speaks to a belief that we can get most things done on our own, and we will get to prayer when or if things get really challenging. Well, things ARE getting more and more challenging. It is time to activate the prayer lives of believers and churches. It is with this in mind that CityPRAYS is strongly promoting the Seek God for the City 40 day prayer journey to pastors and churches. This guide produced by Waymakers has taught hundreds of thousands of believers how to pray powerful prayers of biblical hope. We urge you to join people around the region, nation and world as we Seek God for the City in 2017! You can order the 64-page prayer guide for you or your church by clicking HERE or download the app on your Apple, Android or Kindle device.

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Unite! Prayer & Worship event February 28

A united worship & prayer event for the Sacramento region will be hosted by Cornerstone Community Church on Tuesday night, February 28 to launch the Seek God for the City. People from dozens of congregations will come together to worship, pray and encourage one another to pray through the guide of “prayers of biblical hope”. YOU are invited! Bring you friend, your prayer group or your whole church. RSVP HERE!

Strategic Initiatives Focus: Activation Training

Activation Training is a process that helps churches, businesses organizations and other groups form and establish healthy prayer practices in which prayer becomes their way of life. It includes training in personal, corporate and city prayer and emphasizes relationship with the Living God that leads to behaviors, practices and lifestyles, not simply knowledge.

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