Where There Are No Rules Or Laws.

What is Anarchy?

Anarchy is a situation of confusion and wild behavior where the people of a country, group, organization, etc., are not controlled by rules or laws.

I Am Opposed To Anarchy. How About You?

I'm opposed to anarchy and think it's a bad thing. I think this because if there's no leader or laws of the land then people can just go around vandalizing stuff and ruining the land without get punished for it. A murderer could go around killing everybody and not go to prison for it so the country would become unpopulated.

Who Is The Leader of Anarchy?

There is no leader in anarchy and nobody believes in having one.

Are There Laws?

There are no laws people can do what they want.

What Rights Do Citizens Have?

Citizens have all the rights they want. There are no laws or rules to follow therefor they can do whatever they want.

Some Countries That Currently Have Anarchy as a Government...

Egypt, Libya, South Africa, Zambia, Tunisia, Algeria.