Cleanse And Restore Your Body!

30 days to a healthier, happier, lighter you.

Who Will Benefit from a Detox / Cleanse?

The short answer is everyone. But, for the sake of a nice, pretty list, see if you have a desire for any of the following cleanse benefits:

1. Increased Energy

2. Improved Sense of Wellbeing

3. Lighter Feeling

4. Healthier Hair

5. Clearer Thinking

6. Better Breath

7. Improved Skin

8. Stronger Immune System

9. Rids the Body of Excess Waste

10. Improved Mood

11. Improved Sex Drive

12. Better Sleep

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Free Gifts and Extras for Participating!

1. Every participant will receive an optional health coaching consultation and access to a free junk food cleanse online course from our personal health coach, Anna Shalray. She's amazing and you'll love her insight!

2. We'll have weekly giveaways for participants including doTERRA products you'll love that will help you on your wellness journey.

3. Every participant who completes the 30 day cleanse will be entered to win a cash prize or their choice of $75 worth of doTERRA product.

4. If you bring 2 friends to join you, you'll automatically receive a free gift from us!

5. If you set up your wholesale membership with us (Nate and Kelly) using our link ( and purchase the Cleanse and Restore Kit, you will receive a FREE bottle of Slim n' Sassy oil, valued at $24.50 wholesale. This is limited to the first 5 new members, so don't wait!

6. Anna is also generously offering a FREE $100 off of her online health course for participants. More info on that is to come!

How does it work?

Check out this short video explaining each portion of our cleanse. Isn't it wonderful that someone else created this video for us? Thanks, cool Vimeo girl!
dōTERRA Cleanse & Restore 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it matter where I live?

A: No! We'll be connected via a private Facebook page where you'll receive all of your support.

Q: Can I invite friends to join me?

A: Invite away! In fact, if you invite two friends to join you, we will give you a free gift. Ask for details!

Q: Where do I purchase the supplements for the cleanse?

A: If you already have a wholesale account with doTERRA, you may purchase them through your own account. If you don't, please use this link, (Click Join and Save, and choose the Cleanse and Restore Kit) and you'll receive a free gift from us for doing so: (Note: if someone invited you to participate in this cleanse, please reach out to them before buying your kit to ask if they would like for you to use their link to purchase.)

Q: How much does the Cleanse and Restore Program cost?

A: It's $195.00, and BONUS: If you don't already have a wholesale membership, purchasing it will get you one and you'll be able to save 25% off of retail on all of your doTERRA purchases for a year! If you for some reason don't want a membership, you can purchase each part of the kit at retail from the same link as listed above.

Q: Do I also have to change how I eat during the program?

A: Some people choose to only use supplements during their cleanse, but you'll definitely get more amazing results if you cut back (or cut out) sugar and processed foods, and add in more fruits and veggies during the duration of the program.

Q: Will there be judging, shaming, or backlash if I don't do this perfectly?

A: Only warm, virtual hugs. And grace, lots of grace.

We'll start on Monday, May 16th!

We want everyone participating to have enough time to purchase the supplements they need to do the cleanse properly, as well as purging junk food from their homes, so we'll start on the 16th.
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Your cleanse leaders

We are Nate and Kelly, Diamond leaders in doTERRA, and will be facilitating the cleanse and offering support along the way! You are free to ask us questions throughout the 30 days and afterwards. In short, we're here for you!

We'll also have the benefit of Anna Shalray, Holistic Health Coach on our side! She's going to be offering free health consultations for each participant, and will offer fantastic nutritional support along the way.