Akela's Tales

Pack 335 - September 11, 2015

2015 Cub Scout Roundup and Raingutter Regatta

  • Raingutter Regatta & Pack Activities/New Parent Meeting
  • Opening Flag ceremony
  • Talk time
  • Advancements
  • Closing Flag Ceremony
  • Pie throwing for 2014 Popcorn All-Stars

Popcorn Fundraising

Popcorn sales should be in full swing. Here's some important reminders:
  • Pre-sales popcorn pick up after September 19th
  • Sales sheets are due to den leaders on October 31st
  • Money is due to den leaders on November 1st

Prizes this year are:
  • Chicago Wolves or Monster Jam tickets
  • Special Scout viewing of Star Wars - The Force Awakens
  • Minecraft style patches
  • Throw a pie at a Scout Leader
  • Reduced (or eliminated) Pack dues

Square credit card readers are now available. Please see our Popcorn Kernel Tom Boynton for all information about Square and popcorn sales.

Upcoming Pack Events

October 2-4 - Jamborall - Sandwich Fairgrounds
Join thousands of your fellow Scouts, Venturers and Arrowmen at our premier camping and Scouting outdoors skills event. Contact Amanda Arshad for details.

October 16th 7PM - Carnival Pack Meeting - Location TBD
Dens will enjoy carnival games presented by the Bear dens.

October 18th 12PM - Picnic and Corn Husking - Kline Creek Farm
Bring your own lunch and join us for a picnic at Kline Creek Farm. After picnicking we'll make a quick trip to Corn College, then harvest this year's crops and make corn shocks from the cut stalks. Then we'll create our own souvenir corn husk figures. Bring food, drink and gloves.

October 25th 12PM - Hiking Club - Herrick Lake
See details about hiking club below.

November 7th 9AM - Yard Cleanup - Meet at Gary Church
This is a service project where we help Gary Church members clean up their fall leaves. Bring clothing appropriate for the weather, work gloves, rakes, and leaf bags.

Hiking Club

Hiking Club is a new activity this year, where we can all become more confident and comfortable in the outdoors. We're shooting for 4-6 hikes per year, maybe more, with each hike around 3 to 5 miles. The first hike will be at Herrick Lake on Sunday October 25th at 12PM.

After the hikes, the scouts work with the Hiking Coordinator to track their miles. Scouts will be recognized as their mileage accumulates. At 50 miles they receive their hiking stick. Hiking miles recorded as Cub Scouts do transfer to Boy Scouts. Contact Jim Fiorato for more details.

Calling All Wolf & Tiger Scout Parents

All of the following roles are currently covered by parents of older ranks. The future of your scout's pack depends on the parents of the Wolf and Tiger ranks growing into the leadership positions. Please carefully consider shadowing current leaders to take on one of the following positions. Feel free to contact Julie Noordhoek with any questions about these roles.

  • Committee Chairperson
  • Committee Member
  • Spring Indoor Overnight Coordinator
  • Membership Coordinator

A big thanks goes out to our new adult volunteers this year.

  • Gregory Graham - Training Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Mann - Co-Leader for Den #3
  • Julia Klink - Co-Leader for Den #6

Thank you so much for your help!

New Facebook Group for Pack 335

We now have a Facebook group where you can follow updates and events, post pictures and converse with other Pack 335 parents.


The group is closed, so when you visit the page, you will need to request to Join. More info on joining closed groups here.


Den 6 - Wolf

Shane Dillon - Pet Care Belt Loop, Soccer Belt Loop; Charles Mann - Reading and Writing Belt Loop, Tomas Manrique - Tiger; Foster Priebe - Tiger; Connor Weck - Tiger; Ari Grein - Roller Skating Belt Loop, Swimming Sports Pin, Swimming Belt Loop

Den 7 - Bear

Miles Duebener - Gold Arrow Point, 2 Silver Arrow Points Wolf; Gabe Graham - Bicycling Belt Loop; Jack Mathis - Family Travel Belt Loop; Andrew Welninski - Citizenship Belt Loop

Den 8 - Bear

Aaron Forgas - Wolf; Andy Martinez - Archery Belt Loop, Art Belt Loop, BB Shooting Belt Loop, Baseball Belt Loop, Hockey Belt Loop, Map and Compass Belt Loop, Marbles Belt Loop, Nutrition Belt Loop, Science Belt Loop, Tiger

Den 2 - Webelos I

Nolan Arshad - Science Belt Loop, BB Shooting Belt Loop, BB Shooting Sports Pin, Aquanaut Adventure; Harvey Fiorato - BB Shooting Belt Loop, BB Shooting Sports Pin, Into the Woods Adventure; Matthew Hurtado - BB Shooting Belt Loop, BB Shooting Sports Pin, Aquanaut Adventure; Luke Baker - Aquanaut Adventure

Den 3 - Webelos I

Caleb Watson - Art Academic Pin, Art Belt Loop, BSA Emergency Preparedness Award, Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award, Leave No Trace Award, Roller Skating Belt Loop, Tennis Belt Loop, Tennis Sports Pin, BB Shooting Sports Pin, Silver Arrow Point, Into the Wild Adventure, Archery Sports Pin, Archery Belt Loop, Into the Woods Adventure, Volleyball Sports Pin, Aquanaut Adventure, Earth Rocks! Adventure; William Mann - BB Shooting Belt Loop, BB Shooting Sports Pin, Archery Sports Pin, Archery Belt Loop, Into the Woods Adventure, Aquanaut Adventure

Den 1 - Webelos II

Marc Duebener - Collecting Belt Loop, Aquanaut; Luke Grout - Aquanaut, Citizen, Tennis Belt Loop; Jimmy Paddock - Citizenship Belt Loop, Fitness, Mathematics Belt Loop, Music Academic Pin, Aquanaut; David Allgood - Forester, Readyman, Communicator, Traveler; Alex Bagley - Communicator, Aquanaut; Lukas Boynton - Showman, BB Shooting Belt Loop, Archery Sports Pin, Archery Belt Loop, Forester, Citizen, Outdoorsman, Scientist, BB Shooting Sports Pin, Engineer; Timothy Foley - Aquanaut; Carter McCue - Aquanaut