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Weekly Blog May 9th-13th, 2016

Exploring Reggio Emilia Learning Labs at TerraNichol Academy of the Arts

Wow! The ideas and exploration that our students involved themselves in this week was remarkable. The indoor and outdoor learning labs sparked to life with experiments, art projects, music, and much much more. This time of year is so inspiring for the teaching team as we begin to see all of the hard work and encouragement that was put in during the school year come out in our students' thinking, creating, building, exploration, discussions, and involvement with peers!

Students have been thrilled with the story Creepy Crawly Calypso. Set to the tune of catchy Calypso music the story takes you on a journey of Calypso instruments played by-- you guest it Spiders, Centipedes, and Butterflies to name a few. Students are intrigued by the steel drums, guitars, accordions, congas, trumpet, trombone, flutes, and marimba! In music appreciation we have been playing our own Calypso style music as well! This book made us add a new instrument to our wish list! A STEEL DRUM!!!

Under the Sea is the place for me. Reading I'm a Manatee has set the backdrop for learning about sea animals, and the ocean habitat with many explorations in water, and sensory play! Students have also become intrigued with scuba diving and the gear that would be needed to take such a deep plunge!

Freshly picked tomatoes from our school garden where a hit this week for a tasty tasting! Students couldn't get enough!

We are excited to see what next week has in store for us!

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Check Your Calendar!

Save the Dates

May 25th, 2016 Last Day of School for PreKindergarten Students 3 hour only schedule

May 26th, 2016 School Closed for Dress Rehearsal for A Night At the Art Museum

May 27th, 2016 School Closed for A Night At the Art Museum Showtime 5:30pm

June 17th Last Day of School for the 2016-2017 School Year

Help Us keep a clean healthy learning environment.

The teaching team works really hard keeping the learning lab environment clean, organized, and everything sanitized for the day. The teaching team also arrives very early to set up the learning labs for the day and has a plan for the students. Please stay in routine with students by arriving to school, checking in and potting. Arrive out on our enchanted playscape area to start the day.

Please do not allow students to play in Nido Nest before learning lab time 9am. When the students come and materials are out of place it can be confusing at cleaning up time as to wear materials belong. Nido Nest friends are working towards clean up skills.

Please do not allow sick siblings to have contact with learning labs materials as it spreads germs.

Dismissal-The learning labs are closed for the day, cleaned, organized and sanitized by the teachers. Please respect their hard work, time and dismissal for the teachers to leave on time to get to their families in the evening.

Again, thank you!

A Night At the Art Museum! Get Your Tickets



The box office is ready! Tickets for A Night At the Art Museum are officially on sale! The playhouse holds 90 guests so don't delay and purchase your tickets today! We are expecting a sell out crowd! To purchase tickets visit the link below:


All are welcome to come see the amazingly talented young group of artists from the TerraNichol Academy Theater in their unique and expressive interpretation of A Night At the Art Museum. We know many students who are not in this year's show are interested in attending. We hope to see everyone at the show!

Note: Please remember everyone must purchase a ticket for their seat in the theatre. Per Fire Code regulations. We must respect the safety of everyone as well as the theatre polices.

Tickets: $30

Children: 0-13yrs old $15

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Calling all Cast Members of "The Night At The Art Museum."


Our students have worked so hard and are very dedicated to our school play. We would like to throw them a Pizza/Sorbet Cast Party.

Details: All Pre-K students that are dismissal at 11:30am will stay until 12:30pm on Wednesday MAY 25th.

Please mark calendars!

Thank you Remmers Family for the Pizza Delivery.

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Our Orchids are blooming out on the playscape!

Inventors--Reggio Emilia Approach!

What is an Invention?

An Invention is something new that has a purpose.
Think, plan, build and share.
An invention solves a problem.
Our great Inventors: Thomas Edison- Morse Code
The Wright Brothers-The Seat Belt
Betty Nesmith Graham- Sewing Machine

All our students here at TerraNichol Academy Of Arts are great inventors!!!

Gardening with Preschoolers-The Reggio Emilia Approach

Gardening with Preschoolers

The beauty of gardening in a preschool program is that you can involve children every step of the way. We have had quite the harvest this school year and many great tasting sessions.

The whole process of gardening, easily woven into the fabric of a preschool day, is an extended sensory and learning process which could start with researching the right plants to grow, preparing the soil, digging and planting, watering, weeding and observing the plants growing and flowering.

Happy Gardening!!

Reggio Emilia Loose Parts Provocation

Loose parts is so critical when introducing developmental skills such as math, fine motor, literacy, critical thinking, and developing visual discrimination. Engaging in hands on activities, open ended learning and investigation.

Reggio Emilia Loose Parts Provocation

TerraNichol Academy of the Arts

TerraNichol Academy of The Arts School is the kind of school parents expect, educators celebrate and children adore. Our approach to learning celebrates the great potential of young children, with the goal of nurturing self-motivated, life-long learners. The learning labs are guided by our Master Teachers as well as the Founder of TerraNichol Academy of The Arts Preschool with low teacher-to-child ratio to allow for one-on-one engagement and thoughtful observation. Join our small community school for a backstage tour and be inspired by our thoughtful team of Early Childhood Educators here at TerraNichol Academy.
Come and Explore our Reggio Emilia program at TerraNichol Academy acclaimed for the stunning environments, their educators who create, provoke and dazzle the students senses, invite curiosity and discovery, and most importantly, foster strong, respectful meaningful relationships.
Come learn about the values for children in the program:
Being a home away from home
connecting children to their families
helping children to be powerful and active
being a steward of the natural world
seeing oneself as a capable learner
recognizing and being curious about
We provide a school environment that is beautiful and taken care of with an attitude of care so that parents, children, and teachers want to come to school everyday.
It is with intelligent heart and courage that we continue our goals and vision to continue to proceed the work of a child.
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