Anthony Glore: 60's Social Change

What is Counterculture

During the 1960's, great tension and defiance blossomed between the young people of the U.S and the government. They rejected the current culture that the United States had and created their own way of living with protests, new views, and beliefs.
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America's Hippies

Hippies were young people who were against the current lifestyle and sought out a new culture where they could live peacefully. Hippies were the people who had descended from the parents of the baby boomer generation. These parents had lived very cookie cutter lives, which was the opposite of the hippies. Hippies rejected the modern lifestyle that was laid out for them and chose a "if it feels good, do it" attitude. They embraced the use of psychedelics and marijuana and believed it to be a way to explore and expand their consciousness. Hippies viewed the government as corrupt and used the people as tools; they gave established institutions names such as "The Man", "The Establishment", and "Big Brother".
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Stop The War

With the war raging in Vietnam, many Americans questioned why we had to get involved and were against it. This sparked lots of protesting and the people urged the government to get our troops out of Vietnam. They put together giant anti-war marches and rally's in places like Washington D.C to get the attention of the government.

(May be unrelated to anti-war, but I still thought it was dope)

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Kent State

When Richard Nixon was elected, he promised that he would end the war in Vietnam as quickly as possible. Instead he failed his promise and the number of troops in Vietnam did not decrease. Not only this, but Nixon also approved a covert plan to invade neighboring countries such as Cambodia and Laos. When this expansion of war was found out by the American people, several protests broke out like the one at Kent State University. One thing led to another and a 13 second period of shooting broke out, killing 4 students.
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Timothy Leary

Timothy Leary was a successful Lecturer at Harvard University. He was also a researcher and advocate in LSD. Leary became a very popular yet criticized media figure with his scandal at Harvard when it was discovered that his students were using his supply. He was later jailed for marijuana possession but was later released months later. He pursued lots of entertainment jobs including art, tv shows, and stand up comedy.