Jack Dempsey

By: Spencer Fleury 7th hour

The Biography of Jack Dempsey

Jack Dempsey was born on June 24, 1895. He grew up in the Mormon based village of Manassa, Colorado. I was first taught how to box by my brother, Bernie when I was a young boy and also worked on the farm as a helper. He also worked as a miner and cowboy. Bernie gave him the idea that if he truly wanted to be a great boxer that he had to soak my face in brine to toughen his skin and chew pine tar to strengthen his jaw. He was a worker on the farm before he started boxing and dropped out of school in 8th grade to work as a farmer full time. He thought he was eventually good enough to drop farming and do boxing full time because he thought it would pay more. In his first match, he faced a man with the nickname,”One punch Hancock” and he knocked him out in one punch and the owner was so mad that he made him box another match until he was paid. Hardy Downey arranged his fights and his boxing nickname was, “Kid Blackie.” Soon after his brother grew ill, so he offered to take his place and won and that led to him going to San Fransisco to fight bigger fights and get paid bigger bucks! His other memorable fight was when he beat Jess Willard on July 4, 1919.

His Amazing Impact on the 1920's!

Jack Dempsey made an extraordinary impact on the 1920's because he was a huge sports athlete at the time and was just behind Babe Ruth in popularity at the time! He also showed amazing sportsmanship! An example of this was when he faced Tunney in the boxing championship and lost half-dazed and also could barely walk. He had his trainer walk him up to shake his hand! He showed people now how sports should be played and how athletes should act during a win and a defeat.