Cougar Connection 2/28/2021

Week 24

This Week at Mann Middle School

  • Tuesday: Student Perception Survey in Period 2
  • Wednesday: 5th Grade Parent Night Meeting @6pm

  • Special Note: We have received an initial district response to our start time request. They cannot accommodate 8:00, but have offered 8:20 as an option.



A Note from Nurse Busbin

Good evening parents,
This is a friendly reminder that if your student is not up to date on immunizations, please make an appointment with your primary care doctor as soon as possible. Even during virtual learning, it is required by law for your child to be up to date in order to attend school. Please feel free to reach out to the school nurse for any questions you may have at You can find the nurse’s contact information on Mann’s website .

Budget Update!

The budget book was opened last week and we have started to plan for next year. Some of the highlights so far include:

  • Adding a full time Spanish/History teacher supporting both elective Spanish and the dual language program.
  • Adding a .4 PE Teacher
  • Adding several designated ELD supports for English Learners that have not reclassified.

We will also have access to CSI funds next year. We plan to use the funds to provide extra supports including:

  • AVID Summer Institute Attendance
  • Paid Collaboration Time
  • MovementBe, Boys to Men, Youth Empowerment, HERO and Pass Mentors
  • Safe Schools Embassadors
  • Art Programs Guest Speakers
  • Structure Tutoring Time
  • School Assemblies with Authors


ELPAC Testing for the month of February!

ELPAC is the test we use to measure a student's growth in learning English. Over the last few years we have put a tremendous effort into improving our students capabilities in English and this test is our time to shine!

If you student has been scheduled to be on site for testing, please help us by being on time for your appointment and coming ready to test. Thank you!


PASS Mentors are starting a Breakfast Club every day from 8:00 to 8:25! The Breakfast Club is a way for students at Mann to socialize with each other outside of class time. There will be "Questions of the day," but the time is really driven by the students and whatever they would like to talk about. Students can stop by with their friends and put academics aside for a few minutes to relax and just talk to one another.

Zoom link:

Click here for the information flyer
Is your child struggling with the impacts of COVID-19 on their life? Is your child sad, withdrawn or acting out? Click here for help!

Staff Contacts

Site Tech- Power School Parent Portal- Toni Shaw

About Us

Mann middle school’s mission is to improve the quality of life of all students and prepare them for college and career by creating RESPECTFUL, actively literate, RESILIENT learners who are READY to take on the challenges of modern life by fostering personal RESPONSIBILITY and RESOLVE.