Build your direct sales business

through Facebook groups

How to Connect and meet people in Facebook groups.

  • Join Groups where you share a common interest. Hobbies, like dogs, travel etc
  • Limit the amount of groups, you are part of - be choosy.
  • Avoid business groups and groups where there are lots of posting of links - yet no interaction. Also friend requests are - they add you as they see you as a potential customer / distributor - so not a lot of common ground.
  • Add value. - educate, entertain, inspire. - Post interesting things, ask questions and share things.
  • Like and comment on peoples posts.
  • Show interest and get involved. Treat the group the way to you would join a local community group. You would introduce yourself, have conversations and talk to people.
  • Be Consistent - be active and be seen regular.
  • Schedule time each day to spend time in your groups. -

By doing all of the above you will get friend requests regularly and you will get your requests accepted, because they like what you share and you are someone that they can relate to, as you have things in common.

Also you can meet some amazing people that could turn into one of your best buddies.

You might have to join a few groups to find the ones you like - make sure they are active, - no point being in a group if they last post was weeks ago. Get a feel for the group - see if you have things in common with the group, how active is it & if you can relate to them.

It is no different - than going along to a networking event . or community group, some groups you click immediately - and you have fun and want to go back where other groups, you don't and you never go again.

Groups are purely an online version of a offline event.

Enjoy connecting in groups and watch your connections online grow.


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