Shamran Kurani

Vice President of Golden Donuts LLC

Shamran Kurani

Shamran Kurani is proud to be a member of the Southeast Franchise Marketing Board for the Dunkin Donuts franchise in the southeastern United States. Shamran Kurani was recently voted into this position, a position that he is pleased to have. This is because Shamran Kurani is able to work with the Southeast Franchise Marketing Board in addition to his position as the Vice President of Golden Donuts, giving him excellent leverage in the field of food and restaurant marketing.

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Before attending Auburn University and graduating in 2010, Shamran Kurani was a basketball player. As a matter of fact, Shamran Kurani played basketball throughout his entire high school career, a sport that he believes to be a wonderful way to get plenty of exercise and also be part of a team. The values of teamwork that Shamran Kurani gleaned from his career as a high school basketball player have proven invaluable in his current field of work.

Running a Successful Franchise with Shamran Kurani

Being a franchisee has its benefits. The brand recognition is already there, for one thing, ensuring loyal customers from day one. But even a successful franchisee like Shamran Kurani knows that the business is not as simple as it might seem. It takes a great deal of planning, perseverance, and sometimes pure luck to succeed. Here Shamran Kurani gives a few of his tips for surviving in a tough business.

  • Be driven. Too many people make the mistake of thinking that owning a franchise is a walk in the park, says Shamran Kurani, when nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it takes a good deal of personal drive and motivation to make a franchise successful, and you must be willing to take the reins personally and guide your franchise to success. Shamran Kurani advises only acquiring franchise rights to a business you would be proud to call your own. Those looking for easy money are going to be highly disappointed.
  • Set goals. Setting achievable goals and seeing them through is a must in just about any walk of life, and particularly in the restaurant business, says Shamran Kurani. Without measurable goals for sales figures, your franchise will surely founder. Steering toward a clear goal gives your entire franchise structure something to shoot for together, fostering a team atmosphere and better results all around, says Shamran Kurani.
  • Be persistent. It won’t be easy, says Shamran Kurani, but your persistence will pay off, and eventually you will be rewarded with the success you have worked hard to achieve.

Restaurant Business Secrets with Shamran Kurani

Running a successful restaurant business is no easy thing. A huge percentage of restaurant businesses fail in their first year, due to mismanagement or a host of other factors. Shamran Kurani seems to have found the recipe for success, however. With his company, Kurani Global Restaurants has grown to own a number of franchises all around the region. Here Shamran Kurani shares a few tips for success that he has learned along the way.

  • Stay focused. The restaurant business can be quite difficult to break into, says Shamran Kurani, so it’s important to stay focused on your goals. Almost every restaurant initially operates in the red, but with perseverance and focus you can build a reputation and a successful restaurant. Shamran Kurani advises never losing sight of your ultimate goals, no matter how bleak the short-term picture looks.
  • Plan everything. A downfall of a great many restaurants is a simple lack of planning, says Shamran Kurani. People think they can go ahead and just open up a restaurant, and they fail to realize the bewildering amount of things that need to be accounted for in order to achieve even a modest success. Shamran Kurani advises hiring a knowledgeable restaurateur to help you achieve your goals.
  • Keep it simple. Many budding restauranteurs make the same mistakes, says Shamran Kurani: they overextend or they get too complex. People don’t like a 500-item menu, says Shamran Kurani. They want choices, but choices with guidelines. Shamran Kurani advises scaling back and keeping things simple as a recipe for success.

On Studying Finance: Shamran Kurani

Shamran Kurani, currently the vice president of both the company Golden Donuts LLC and its parent company Kurani Global Restaurants, has a degree in Business Management from Auburn University. Additionally, however, Shamran Kurani holds a minor in Finance from the same program. There are a number of reasons why studying finance is an excellent idea for anyone hoping to work in business in the future, which is what Shamran Kurani will delineate today.

First, according to Shamran Kurani, finance is the study of a number of different aspects of business, including how businesses acquire and thus invest capital, as well as how individual people invest their own savings in a variety of ways, and, finally, the ways that different markets function. According to Shamran Kurani, having a wide knowledge of how the business world works, especially through the study of finance, is an invaluable part of working in the world of business.

Additionally, Shamran Kurani believes that studying finance has its merits in all kinds of related fields. His own experience set Shamran Kurani up to become a corporate vice president and former director of operations. However, Shamran Kurani also notes that this field of study could set a person up to become a financial, research or credit card analyst, an investment banker, or a financial planner.

All in all, Shamran Kurani highly recommends pursuing a business degree in general. However, studying finance is an especially useful course of study in addition to the main trajectory of coursework, says Shamran Kurani.

Walking for a Cause With Shamran Kurani

According to Shamran Kurani, being involved in various charity and fundraising events can include walking for a cause. A number of charities and organizations have walking events, including the Aga Khan Foundation, an organization that Shamran Kurani has helped to raise money for. Shamran Kurani is currently the vice president of Kurani Global Restaurants, which has donated to the Aga Khan Foundation and related Aga Khan Partnership Walks in a number of different cities. Here are some of the main reasons why Shamran Kurani believes in walking for a cause.

Benefits such as the Aga Khan Partnership Walks bring the community together, says Shamran Kurani. An event that brings people together for wholesome enjoyment that also benefits an excellent cause is, according to Shamran Kurani, one of the best ways to bring a community together.

Charity walks such as the Aga Khan Partnership Walks and similar walks, such as the AIDS Walk and the March of Dimes, do real work to help causes that need the support, says Shamran Kurani. Additionally, according to Shamran Kurani, participating in these walks is a great way to help these organizations and charities to raise the money they need to do the work that they do.

Finally, charity walks are a great way to get fit, says Shamran Kurani. As a former basketball player, Shamran Kurani believes wholeheartedly in getting plenty of exercise, and what better way to do so than to become involved in charity walks or even running events? Shamran Kurani believes that walking for a cause is one of the best ways to get exercise.

Why Donate to Charity: Shamran Kurani

According to Shamran Kurani, giving to charity is an excellent way to help out a group of people or an cause that needs the help and support it would not otherwise get without such donations. As a matter of fact, Shamran Kurani and the companies for which he works, such as Golden Donuts LLC and Kurani Global Restaurants, have donated to a number of different charities, including the Aga Khan Foundation, the Aga Khan Partnership Walks in multiple cities, and even a local elementary school. Shamran Kurani is pleased to share some of the reasons why donating to charity is important to him.

According to Shamran Kurani, donating to charity is an enormous way to help others and make a difference – which in turn will overall help your own sense of well being. Giving time, resources and money to these types of organizations help you to create your own purpose in life, says Shamran Kurani.

Additionally, working with these types of charities can help you to stay more informed about current issues of social injustice, says Shamran Kurani. For example, many charities enjoy keeping their donors informed of current events with newsletters and other updates.

Finally, however, Shamran Kurani notes that donating is not the only way to help. According to Shamran Kurani, if you are not in the financial position to provide assistance then you can always help out by volunteering. By volunteering, says Shamran Kurani, you can help out by giving your time and resources without having to donate your own money.

Shamran Kurani on the Aga Khan Foundation

Shamran Kurani has worked endlessly in the restaurant industry with both Golden Donuts LLC and Kurani Global Restaurants, his family’s business. This work has paid off, allowing both companies to make donations to good causes, says Shamran Kurani, such as the Aga Khan Foundation and related Aga Khan Partnership Walks.

The Aga Khan Foundation, according to Shamran Kurani, is a wonderful organization that works to improve the lives and prospects of people and communities in developing nations, focusing in particular on Africa and Asia. Additionally, Shamran Kurani and his company have also donated to the Aga Khan Partner Walks in the cities of Atlanta and Los Angeles, which are events that raise significant funds for this organization.

According to Shamran Kurani, although the Aga Khan Foundation was started by the Aga Khan himself, the spiritual leader of Shia Ismaili Muslims, the organization is not affiliated with any particular religion. Additionally, there are 30 countries across the globe where the Foundation works in various communities, notes Shamran Kurani. The focus on developing nations and the underprivileged communities therein is a cause that means a lot to Shamran Kurani.

As such, Shamran Kurani plans to continue to donate to the Aga Khan Foundation’s fundraising efforts in the future, with the added knowledge that any donations made to this excellent organization will go directly to aid operations without any focus on the administrative costs of running an organization. According to Shamran Kurani, the Aga Khan Foundation is an organization that has its priorities in order.

The Rewards of Playing Basketball: Shamran Kurani

According to Shamran Kurani, playing basketball is an excellent way to get your exercise. But what is it about basketball in particular? Shamran Kurani, himself a former basketball player, believes that this sport is the way to go when it comes to being more active.

The first benefit of playing basketball according to Shamran Kurani is the amount of calories you burn with this sport. This is because basketball, unlike other sports, is not just about running, but is also about jumping and moving quickly from side to side, notes Shamran Kurani. The intensity of the workout that basketball provides also means that the sport is a great way to develop strength in the deltoids, trapezius, neck and lower back muscles, says Shamran Kurani, helping you to become overall physically much stronger than ever before.

Additionally, Shamran Kurani believes that basketball is an excellent way to develop both fine and gross motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination. According to Shamran Kurani, basketball requires excellent timing with regard to scoring, passing, and also dribbling, which are all skills that will inevitably help develop coordination.

Finally, Shamran Kurani praises basketball for its ability to help players develop excellent mental skills. According to Shamran Kurani, the fast paced nature of the sport means that players need to finely hone their attention to detail and to the overall movement of the game. Shamran Kurani adds that research on the sport has shown that this fine control of attention has been enormously useful in making quick decisions in real life situations such as in the workplace.

Working in the Restaurant Business: Shamran Kurani

Shamran Kurani is currently a vice president in the restaurant business, specifically on the managing end with both Golden Donuts LLC and his family’s company Kurani Global Restaurants. Prior to his position as vice president, Shamran Kurani held the position of Director of Operations at Golden Donuts – a position he achieved only one year after graduating from university.

His experience in the restaurant business has put Shamran Kurani in an ideal position to continue his work in business management. In addition to this work, however, Shamran Kurani believes that anyone can benefit from working in the restaurant business, and for a number of different reasons.

First, Shamran Kurani believes that working in the restaurant business is a great way to learn to work hard and also work with a team. Experience as a basketball player before he attended college was also definitely a great place to work and learn these particular lessons, but that the restaurant business specifically teaches you to multitask.

According to Shamran Kurani, multitasking is a crucial skill in today’s working world, which also means that you need to learn to anticipate what will happen next. When you work in a restaurant, says Shamran Kurani, you basically have to rely on the skill of anticipation in order to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Above all else, says Shamran Kurani, working in the restaurant world means that you will also learn how to deal with people – and not just the members of your team, but the people you serve as well.