Excel Beginnings

September 2016

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Did you figure it out? Confused? Your child can help. Instructions for the day, written on the board, are filled with plexars - words, letters, numbers and commonly known symbols inside a box. Yes, even my first graders are fluent in plexar!


Mark your calendar - PLEASE COME

GT Parent Orientation

Wednesday, Oct. 12th, 5:30-6:30pm

9450 Ray White Road

Keller, TX

Central High School Auditorium

You will want to arrive early for the best parking spaces and seating. If you bring your children, please bring something quiet for them to do. Keep in mind the lights may be turned down, for our electronic presentation. A new GT Parent Organization and TAGT will have a table set up outside the auditorium (maybe more). Unfortunately I won't have a chance to visit with you that evening, but you can always email me, or set up a phone or in person conference at your child's campus.

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/cbZ9kToug7p


Also, parents...

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And we're off...

The first week of 1st - 4th grade gifted classes was off to a great start at Woodland Springs Elementary and Keller-Harvel Elementary.

Day one - Mrs. Barron-San picked up each class of honorable students, dressed in a traditional Japanese kimono. This helps emphasize respectful behavior expectations in the hall and classroom. Students bowed and said either "Ohayou" こんにちは or "Konnichiwa" さようなら. At the end of class our farewell was "Sayounara" ありがとう.



Yes, my 4th graders took a very important test on their first day. This test will remain in their GT binders for the rest of the year as a reminder to...

Can they do it??

Third grade has been presented with a challenge. While standing on a sheet, the entire class must use only their feet to flip the sheet to the other side.

Rule #1 (safety) - Take care of your classmates at all times.

Rule #2 - no holding on to tables, chairs, my desk.

Rule #3 - Take care of your classmates at all times.

Rule #4 - if anyone touches the floor outside the sheet, foot, hand, backside - we begin again.

Rule #5 - Take care of your classmates at all times. (Well, it IS the most important rule!)

Great job practicing collaboration, communication, and teamwork skills. We can have another go next week.

3rd/4th GT - coming up next...

Caine's Arcade! http://cainesarcade.com/


Getting to Know You

Second graders conducted interviews, learning some rather interesting things about their classmates. Once interviews were finished, each introduced his/her partner and shared findings with the class. Fun way to practice on presentation skills!

More second grade photos to come soon...


1st Grade Problem Solvers & Organizers

Not just first grade - EVERYONE'S DOING IT!

And more...


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RIP Markers - GMADT

Each GT Classroom has our own RIP basket, for all dried out markers. My fourth graders will count them and each time we reach 100 markers, I will ship them to Crayola to recycle. Feel free to send yours from home. It's just one way we are GMADT - MAD in GT - Making A Difference.

A few marker recycling posters

While some were creating posters for the school, others wrote scripts to present on morning announcements, encouraging everyone to recycle dead markers.



I am setting up folders on my Google Drive where I will place pictures of your child's Excel class this year. I only have a couple of photos so far, but will continue to add more. You must have a gmail address in order to view the photos, but you don't have to use the address for email. Soon I will email parents of each class and share the link. Stay tuned...
Thank you for sharing your amazing gifted child with me!

Gayle Barron

GT Specialist

KISD Advanced Academics

Woodland Springs Elementary

Keller-Harvel Elementary