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Whozu - Junior Development

Specific Skill Requirements

  • A knowledge of ASP.NET using C#, this is needed because there is a lot of programming done with C# so it would be better if you had some knowledge of it.
  • A great knowledge of SQL, you need this because most of the work is done on a database. Therefore you need a good knowledge of SQL.
  • An excellent understanding of web applications and programming languages such as; HTML, CSS, JavaScript, J Query and API's. This is needed because without knowing how to use those programming languages then, you would struggle with the work given to you.

General and Soft Skills

  • Effective verbal communication, you need this because if you can communicate effectively with co-workers then you will get more work done.
  • Interpersonal Skills, the employer needs you to aquire these skills because if you cant interarct with others then, you wouldn't fit the job.
  • Ability to work independently, this is important because your not always going to be able to work in a team. So you need to be able to work well on your own without the help of others.
  • Able to work as part of a group, this is always a useful thing to have as its a common thing to be doing.

  • Enthusiasm is key for this job. The Employer loves someone who is enjoys his job and will put 100% effort in.
  • A can do attitude is something that this company thrives on, as everyone who works here has the attitude to work to there full potential.
  • Most importantly you need reliability, the company needs to know that they can count on you to make there company better.

Contact Us

Email: colin.raynes@whozu.co.uk

Phone number: 0115 779 7677

Address:1114 Litmus Building Nottingham NG1 3NT