Yellow Fever

A Vaccine Preventable Disease

Identification and Definition

Yellow fever severity can range from self-limited fever to as extreme as liver disease with bleeding. It is transmitted to humans from infected Mosquitoes. Yellow fever is very rare amongst US travelers. Vaccination is recommended to people 9 months or older and are traveling to or living in South America or Africa

History of the Yellow Fever

The yellow fever was a disease caused by a virus spread around by the yellowfever mosquito. (hence the where it got its name) The disease started in Africa and spread to the new world during the slave trade in the 1500's. Yellow Fever kills 30,000 per year around the world. A vaccine was made in 1936 by Max Theiler.

Signs and Symptoms of Yellow Fever

The time from infection to illness takes 3-6 days
the symptoms from Yellow fever include:
Fever, chills, severe headache, backpain, general body aches, vomiting, nausea, fatigue, and weakness

Transmission of Yellow Fever

Yellow fever is most commonly known to be transmitted to humans from infected mosquitoes. Although there are three types of yellow fever that can transmitted different ways. The 3 types are Sylvatic, Intermediate, Urban. Sylvatic is transmitted by monkeys infected by mosquitoes to humans, Intermediate is transmitted by mosquitoes to humans and Urban is transmitted from human to human.

Complications of Yellow fever

  • The majority of persons infected with yellow fever virus have no illness or only mild illness.

Recommended Control Measures for Yellow Fever

  • No specific treatments have been found to benefit patients with Yellow fever.
  • Use insect repellent
  • Wear proper clothing to reduce mosquito bites.
  • Be aware of mosquito peak hours