Is it good to smoke now ;)

De'Shaun Hoston

2 ways tobacco effects you

1 higher chance of getting cancer

2 A nasty think called tar get stuck to your lungs

4 physical consequences

1 It causes lung cancer

2 causes to stains on teeth

3 causes bad breath

4 make you have yellow hands

4 soical concequences

1 Have to keep leaving your friends

2 other people can get 2 hand smoke

3 people may not want to hang out with you

4 you have to stay at home

The paragraph

The dangers are that you can get lung cancer. Some other consequences are that you have to keep leaving your friends. Or other people 2 hand smoke from you. How it effects your body it causes stained teeth, it leads to death. It causes bad breath, and yellow hands. It can make nobody hand out with you. It makes you have a higher risk of getting cancer it has so many chemicals. there is so many things that can happen because of tobacco.