Save the Capra Falconeri

By Will and Ben

What is a Markhor

A Markhor is the largest species of all goats.

It has long spiraled horns that can be 5 feet

tall! Markhors are brown and gray and are

about 2 to 3 feet tall to the shoulder.

The chin is bearded and the tail is short.

Where they Live

Markhors are found from central Asia to north east Africa, Usually in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Northern India, and also southern and central Pakistan. The climate they like to live in is about on sparsely wooded cliff-sides.

What Is Happening To Save Markhors

Some countries are opening parks for markhors. Unfortunately, other countries are slower to respond to the animals plight even though the beautiful wild goat serves as Pakistans national animal, it's still legally being hunted in the country. We could help by growing more vegetation around the countries that they live in. We could also make it illegal to hunt Markhors.

Make Killing Markhors Illegal

Another way we could save the markhor is by making a law that you can't kill them and put them on the endangered species list.
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Facts About the Markhor

The Markhors top speed is about ten miles per hour. There life span is usually between 10-13 years. The Markhor weighs anywhere from 70-245 pounds. It's main food source is grasses, Leaves, and Herbs. It's main predators are wolves, Snow Leopards, and Lynx. There are less than 2,500 Markhors left in the world. They travel in herds of 10-12. The Markhor breeds in the winter.