Segers Herald

Approved: M. Glover December 18, 2015

Giving and Receiving

We've had a full week of giving and receiving. The students gave and received gifts on Monday at the party and they were all so appreciative of the books. Their sweet faces lit up and some even hugged their books like prized possessions. We had a fun party - eating some foods from each food group, playing Christmas Bingo and trying to "pin the nose" on Rudolph. After our party we returned to our study of winter holidays. We read The Legend of the Poinsettia and got to see an actual plant to help us understand the beauty of the flower. The students were excited about the celebration including a piñata. Candles and a nativity are part of Los Posadas and the students quickly made that connection to our celebration of Christmas. Next we learned about Kwanzaa and St. Lucia Day. These smart guys were quick to find similarities and differences to what we do at Christmas. We continue to work on recognize ending sounds in words and are working hard on blending simple words. Math has been an investigation of sizes (length, shorter than, taller than, equal to, heavier, lighter) using our gingerbread man as the focus for these concepts. The bridge and boat designs to help the gingerbread man cross the water turned out well. They had some good ideas as well as productive redesigns.

What's Happening Next Week?

When we return in January we'll start our Big Backyard focus. We'll be looking at habitats, animals, weather, issues of concern around the world with regard to our "backyards" and trying to help be good stewards of our earth, its inhabitants and resources. Our content standards will be addressed and help us express our learning as we are on this journey.

Important Dates

January 6 -- First Day Back for Students

January 15 -- Friday Freeze

January 18 - MLK Day - NO SCHOOL

January 25 -- 100 Days in School


RIK.2 and 7; RLK.5 and 10; RFK1.d; RFK.2.d; RFK3.a and c; WK.2; WK.7; LK.1; LK.2; CC.3, 4 and 5; KCC.3;