Want to try Beautycounter at home?

Lending out fun kits now!

Ready to switch to safer products? Choose your kit to try!

Are you ready to switch to safer and effective products? Have you been wanting to try some new products, in the comfort of your own home, without spending any money? I've gotten great feedback from friends and customers who have already tried Beautycounter, and now I want you to try it, too!

Check out the 4 kit options below:

1- The Essentials Face Kit (Light, Coconut oil based-for everyone)

2- The Countertime Face Kit (With anti-aging properties)

3- The Body Kit (in our light Citrus Mimosa scent)

4- The Kid's Kit (perfect for your little ones)

Let me know which one you want to try, and I'll drop it off to you to try for 4 days. Just reply to this email, and let me know which one you want. I'll drop it off ASAP!

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