Martin Luther King Jr.

Donovan Williams

Early Years

Martin Luther King Jr. was born Jan. 15, 1929, and was called Micheal at birth, but Martin Luther King Named him Martin. Martin was taught by his father to not go with the segregation that was going on. He followed his father's footsteps. He also had an older sister named Willie Christine King, and an younger brother named Daniel Williams King.
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Middle Life and High School

Martin went to school at Booker T. Washington High School. He skipped 9th and 12th grade. He went to Moorehouse College at age fifteen because he was that smart.
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Historical Part of History

Martin Luther King Jr. was sometimes punished for his beliefs. He went to jail a couple of times or was brutally beat. He met Rosa Parks and they worked together. After people heard about Rosa Parks, they stopped riding the bus. With less people riding the bus, there was not as much money earned, and they let them choose their own seats. Blacks started rioting over things that was segregated. They had an march to the Lincoln Memorial, Where Martin had his famous "I Have An Dream" speech, which got people aware of segregation. He got the Nobel Peace prize in 1968. Martin was assassinated by firearm on April 4th, 1968 by James Earl Ray, who was soon wanted by the FBI. Martin Luther King Jr, 1929-1968
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