Newsletter Week 9 Term 1 2022

St Joseph's Catholic School Morrinsville APRIL 5th

Principal's Message

Kia ora Koutou,

We were so pleased that our year 5 and 6 children were able to attend camp. They had an absolute blast and the weather was stunning. Thanks so much to the parent helpers and staff that attended. A special thank you to Kerry Horan who coordinated the camp. It has been months of preparation, and once again she has done a brilliant job.

You may have heard that NZ remains at red level. Vaccine passes and vaccine mandates have been lifted. We are excited at the prospect of welcoming more people on site next term and vaccination status will no longer be required for helping in school.

To date our community and our PFC have provided 53 care packages for families that have needed to isolate. The packages have been so appreciated by our families and the kindness shown is just amazing. The stock is running low, so we would love for more grocery items (juice, tissues, canned goods, biscuits, chips) to be donated if possible. If you are able to pop an item into your grocery basket to pass on to school, it will be so welcomed!

We have had two confirmed cases over the weekend and we also have some staff isolating as household contacts. Once again, we thank our guest teachers for helping to cover classes during this time.

Next week is Holy Week. It will look a little different in our school than previous years, but Mrs Van Eijk has prepared some great learning for our tamariki. We can't wait to highlight this for next week. As Easter approaches, it is a time for reflection and for gratitude for what we have. The Easter break is also family time and to be with your loved ones.

God bless you and your families. Take care.

Andrea Colebourn


Year 5 and 6 Camp Highlights

The best thing that happened at camp was probably when I went on the rocket.

And also when I went down the slide on a bogey board.

The funniest thing that happened was when people fell off the rocket.

The first thing that I had never done in my life before was animal survival.

If I could change anything about camp it would be the cold pool.

For me the best camp memory was the paddle board and the slides.

Something that I learned about myself was that I can give everything a go.


The best bit about camp was the animal survival because I liked running through the bushes and having a good time.

The funniest camp moment was on the Paddleboards and Arran tried to make me fall off the board but Arran fell off instead of me.

I had never done a lot of the stuff we did at camp like Axe throwing, archery, shooting and biscuiting.

If I could change anything it would be more confident.

For me the best camp memory was when I was on the biscuit and I was holding on and somehow I did a jump and landed where I was before.

Something I have learned about myself is that I can do a lot more than I think I can do.

Something I found challenging was facing fears.


The funniest moment was when you and all the parents and teachers April fooled us - Loof Lirpa! - With weetbix in our hand we set off to find it, while everyone else was videoing!

The best thing about camp for me was learning new things and pushing myself out of my comfort zone to try things I had never done before. All the teachers and parents (everyone) that helped us do those things that we were a bit scared of, are true heroes!

There were lots of different things that I had never done before at camp….

I wasn’t quite sure about paddle boarding but I did it and it ended up being one of my favorite things about camp!

For me the best memory about camp would be being able to go to camp and do all the fun activities with my friends and the parents.


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School reminders

The school bell for the end of the day is at 2:55 pm. We expect all children to be picked up by 3:15 pm, with the exception of SKIDS and late bus students. Can you please make sure that you can collect your child by this time. It is a bit of a health and safety issue as staff have PLD and other school commitments so supervision is limited. Thank you for your support.

Core Value and Learning Certificates. You are shining!

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Netball News

Is your child interested in playing netball this year for our school? Later on this week, registrations will open up via seesaw. We have netball teams from year 1 through to year 8. Keep an eye out! We will be looking for coaches and managers too.

Icy Pop Friday

This Friday is the final day of Ice Pop Friday (as next Friday is a holiday). Bring your $1 if you would like one. The proceeds are going to support the cost of year 5/6 camp.


Our PFC (parent fundraising committee) is absolutely amazing. They are the driving force behind not only fundraising for our school, but also the organising of care meals and other great things. The PFC are always looking for new members and it is a super way to meet other parents from our school. The next meeting is Monday 9 May. Make sure you mark it in your diary and come and join us.

We are pleased to announce the PFC positions for 2022:

Chairperson - Andrea Livingstone

this is Andrea's third year in the role and she is doing an amazing job!

Deputy Chairperson - Lucci Hennah

Lucy has been in this role for two years. Most appreciated Lucci!

Secretary - Casey Hunter

Casey has just been appointed this role for 2022. Thanks so much Casey!

Treasurer- Odette Sommerhalder

this is Odette's second year in the role and once again she has put her hand up to help!

A special thank you to Jemma Van Eijk who is stepping down from the secretary role after three years in the position. We appreciate your time and effort Jemma, and thank you!

Meredith Vowles will continue in the care meal coordinator role and she has been so generous with her time and care with supporting our families.

IMPORTANT - Online parent session for internet safety

The Morrinsville Kahui Ako has organised a parent session with John Parsons. John is a cyber safety and risk assessment consultant who has incredible knowledge about what parents can do to keep their children safe online. I have heard attended his sessions and he is brilliant.

Please book Tuesday 12 April into your calendar. The session will be in the evening (for an hour) and it is an ONLINE session. More details to come.

John is also doing an online session during the day with our year 7 and 8 students as well as an online staff session afterschool.

Look at our Learning!

Room 4 has been creating some masterpieces. Mrs Nicholson has introduced the concept of blending and the children designed their own flower art. They look stunning! The class has also been talking about Jesus dying on the cross and have made reflections and prayers for Easter.

Anzac Day 2022 at School

Next Wednesday April 13th as a school we will be commemorating

ANZAC Day with Poppy Day.

A coin donation would be appreciated from each pupil please in exchange for a poppy.

These donations will go toward Welfare Funds to look after the needs of Returned Service people in this area. We look forward to your support.

A Senior School Commemorative Ceremony lead by Room 3 will be taking place at school.

There is no formal ANZAC Day Ceremony at the Morrinsville Cenotaph this year.

"Lest We Forget"

Teacher Only Day

Our staff are attending a professional development day organised by the Morrinsville Kahui Ako. As a cluster of schools, we are going on a hiikoi to visit Taupiri Maunga, the origins of Kiingitanga movement and the history of the Rangiriri invasion.

The last day for students this term is Wednesday 13 April.

Winter Uniform

Term 2 and Term 3 is winter uniform time. Over the holidays get your winter uniform ready. Just remember that we have lots of gear in our second hand uniform section so feel free to take a look.

Students are welcome to wear a school jacket, a school jersey (or both to school).

Everyone must be in full winter uniform by Monday 16 May (two weeks into term 2). You can wear your winter or summer uniform until then, just not a combination of both.

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Upcoming Events

  • Monday, April 11th - Holy Week starts
  • Monday, April 11th order by 9am - Subway Lunch
  • Wednesday, April 13th - Poppy Day recognised at school
  • Wednesday, April 13th - End of Term
  • Thursday, April 14th - Teacher Only Day
  • Friday, April 15th - Good Friday
  • Monday, May 2nd - Term 2 Commences

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