The unsinkable ship

what happened?

On April 12, 1912, The RMS Titanic embarked on it's first trip from Southhampton to NY City. This was, the most luxurious and fanciest cruise line back then. It was also considered to be "unsinkable". On April 14, the ship hit an iceberg and at midnight it sunk. The ship recieved 6 iceberg warnings that day. They didn't have any lifeboat drills either. Captain Smith canceled it the same day.

It became the best known ship of all times! This incident was tragic. Out of the 2,223 passanger aboard, 1,500 died. The story of the Titanic got made into tons of movies and books. Including the most popular one starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Fun Facts!

There a was a lifeboat drill to be taken place the day the ship sunk. There were 6 warnings about the iceberg before it crashed. The first lifeboat only carried 24 people, when it could have carried 64. Only 700 opeople survived. As the ship was sinking it broke into 2 pieces. It's 101 years since the titanic sank. There were 472 lifeboats not used. Since 2009 there are no more living survivors of the Titanic. She was a baby when the ship sank. Mildiva was only 9 months old.


Dorothy Gibson was a very popular film actress. Dorothy and her mother were currently in Italy, They decided to take abreak and go on the Titanic. They chose Titanic beacause she needed to get to US anyways. Dorothy and her mother boarded the Titanic and 4 days later, it sunk. However, they were both rescued. Later, she made a film about the event, Saved from the Titanic. Dorothy even worethe same clothed from that day! She ecame very famous. It was a miracle that she survived out of the 1,500 dead people.


Elizabeth served as a nanny on board when she was 40.When the ship hit the iceberg she helped the passengers get to the Sun Deck. After she was rescued, she discribed the caotic story. They didn't eve go on lifeboats. They had a rowboat and 2 ores. The menwith the ores could hardly move of the cold. The Atlantic ocean was freezing. Then came a wave, and some people on the boat, fell. Elizabeth had "needless luxiries". This meant that she wasn't a high class passenger. She had been prioritized from other safety features.


Laura went on the Titanic when she was 30. She was secretary coming from London. She later reflected on the event. She said that they were discovered and rescued by a ship called Carpathia. When they were rowing, they saw the ship and rowed like mad. The ship was a monster copared to the little boat. They took them up with ropes and she said i t was akward. They hauled her up by the side of the boat. She said shewas very scared because she was in mid air in the middle of the Sea.


Eva was second class passenger on the Titanic. She went on the cruise with her parents. She was 7 years old then. She lost her father during the tragic event. However she kept on living her life like normal. As she got older, she got better.She does anyay,travel by boat, car, train. People are surprised that she is capable to take a "journey". She said that if she hadn't been brave she would died of fright many years ago. She prefered to be brave and strong even though it hurt.

Titanic's last survivor dies