Religious Freedom Bill

By: Stephanie Settimi


In March of 2015 the Republican-controlled Indiana House approved the Religious Freedom bill with 63-31 vote. This law allowing people and businesses to refuse service to anyone they'd like due to their religion. This triggered an explosion of debate over weather or not this is a way to get around having to serve gay people. This new bill is similar to the 1993 Religious Freedom and Restoration Act which played a big part in the U.S Supreme Court decision that allowed Hobby Lobby and other businesses with religious believes to opt out of the Affordable Care Act. The corporations didn't want to be apart of it because it covered certain contraceptive for women that the owner didn't agree with.

Media Portray

Depending on what news station you watch, radio you listen to, or even twitter accounts you follow the way media portrayed this new bill was different. The more conservative media outlets interviewed the typical Christian business owner that only wanted this bill so he cause express his faith more openly. Then only showed the extremely upset gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people. On the other hand you could have seen the racist, loud bible thumpers yelling offensive things to GLBT people while they peacefully protest.
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If you are a strong Christian business owner you are probably bias to the bill. This bill would let you express your religion easer. Even if you didn't care about the bill or even agree with the bill you may feel forced to go along with it because of your religion. Another bias view point would be from GLBT people. When so many religious people and groups are against their life style how can they not be worried about a bill call the Religious Freedom Bill.
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Cultural criticism. Indiana is a mostly conservative republican state. Religion is a big part of most peoples lives and this law is suppose to protect their religious believes. While the LGBT community feels that the law was made as another way to discriminate against them. Historical criticism. In history gay people have never been accepted or treated right. Many LGBT people feel that they have made huge strives in the world of being accepted and this bill just sets them back.

Indiana Religious Freedom Bill

My view

As a Christian having a bill that gives me more religious freedom is a great thing. Unfortunately, most people took it way too far. Conservative republicans that are for the bill used it and their religion to refuse service to GLBT people or anyone they don't agree with. Even though I don't believe in same sex marriage, I could never image discriminating or refusing service to someone because of their life style. This quote explains how i feel very well. "It basically says to a group of people you're second rate, you don't matter, and if you walk into my store, I don't have to serve you," said Minority Leader Scott Pelath, D-Michigan City. I don't know what I would do if I, my family, or friends were treating that badly.