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Weekly Roundup - December 4, 2015

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Teaching the Teachers: At a Glance

With 46 states and the District of Columbia climbing on board, the looming Common Core State Standards are shaping up to be one of the largest educational reforms in recent history. The academic benchmarks for math and English Language Arts represent a retreat from the traditional rote, fact-based style of instruction toward teaching that fosters critical thinking and problem solving among students. But research shows that teaching for critical thought isn’t widespread in our classrooms (Nystrand and Gamoran, 1991; Nystrand et al., 1999; Kane and Stainger, 2012). Meeting the demands of the Common Core means teaching teachers new approaches to instruction; in other words, reform demands effective professional development. Recent education reforms have urged teachers to foster collaboration, debate and reflection among students, in order to develop cognitive processes like those called for in the new standards. Ironically, districts rarely apply these same learning techniques to developing teachers. At the same time, teacher’s performance is increasingly tied to their students. This is a disparity that must be corrected. - See more at:

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House Bill to Replace No Child Left Behind Passes

Parents, Teachers, State and Local Leaders Applaud Passage of Every Student Succeeds Act

WASHINGTON, D.C. | December 3, 2015 - Yesterday the House passed the Every Student Succeeds Act, taking an important step toward replacing No Child Left Behind and improving K-12 education. The bicameral bill (S. 1177), which passed with overwhelming bipartisan support:

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PARCC and Assessment

What parents should know about PARCC

Educators should join the PARCC resource center


From Ms. Lowell in the Business Department: Affordable Care Act Employee Information Reports -- 1095 B & C

The Affordable Care Act requires all citizens to obtain minimum essential health care protection for themselves and their dependents. Accordingly, all employees that are offered health coverage will be receiving an Employee Information Report (1095B) from our insurance carriers and a 1095C report from the Board of Education. The forms report the health insurance coverage you are offered through the Board. Essentially, they report that you had or did not have minimum essential health insurance coverage for the twelve months of 2015 pursuant to the individual mandate requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

A copy of these 1095 B & C reports will be forwarded to the Internal Revenue Service. The documentation is very important because it will support your declaration when filing your federal tax return with respect to having health insurance coverage for 2015. It is possible that you may receive more than one 1095 report if you were an employee for more than one employer for 2015. If married, your spouse may also receive a similar report. You should check that these forms accurately reflect your family's health coverage for all 12 months of the year. You will need these reports, just like you need a W-2, when preparing your federal tax return.

Individuals that did not have health insurance coverage for any month of 2015 may be subject to a penalty when filing their federal income taxes.

We will let employees know when W-2s and 1095 C forms will be distributed in January. Please let me know if you have any questions.




Spring 2016 PD Academy Call for Proposals

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