Sir William Davenant

English Poet and Playwrite

Thou art is a boy!

~Born in late February 1606 in Oxford.

~Educated at St. Paul's Parish

~Taken out of school early

~"Ode in Remembrance of Shakespeare" written @ 12 years

~ @ 15 years, studied at Lincoln College, but left early because of father's death

~Page to the Dutchess of Richmond

~Clerk to Lord Brooke - dramatic career began

~He contracted the Grand Pox

~The treatment caused the disfiguration of his nose

~Killed a man for making fun of him

~Fled to Holland and was convicted of murder

~King liked him = allowed to return to England

~Wrote: The Tragedy of Albovine, King of the Lombards, The Cruel Brother, The

Colonel (The Siege), The Just Italian

~Poet Laureate- 'Sweet Swan of Isis'

~First play perfomed by King's Men in 1627 - 'The Wits'

~Plays were heroic dramas

~Themes = Love and Honor

~First brought women onto English stage

~Knighted at the siege of The Idle of Rhe in 1643 by Charles II

~Manager of Duke's Theatre

To be or not to be...... Shakespeare's son?

~Rumors were spread that Davenant was Shakespeare's illegitimite son.

~NOT TRUE = Godfather

~Shakespeare's family lived in Stratford while he had to continue to travel to London for work.

~Stayed at the Crown Tavern while traveling through Oxford.

~Became good friends with proprietor, John Davenant.

~John and wife, Jane, have son = William Davenant

~Shakespeare named Godfather at baptism.

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All good things must come to an end....

~Died on April 7, 1668

~Burried in the Poet's Corner of the Westminster Abbey

~ 'O Rare S. William Davenant'