Jane Ball Staff Happenings

Week of May 16-May 20

Nuts and Bolts

Star Testing

Please make sure ALL STUDENTS are tested during the window. This includes the students we tested prior to the window to determine retention and any new students. ALL STUDENT must be tested during the window to ensure that the data is logged in the proper reports. K-1 just a reminder ALL students who score as a probable reader NEED to be tested on Star Reading as well.


Please follow up on your students and make sure they log off properly as well as that the labs are shut down at the end of each day. This will help with some of the issues we saw in the labs this week with computers.

Teacher Evaluations

I will have your printed evaluation ready for signature on Monday. If you add an artifact I will need that by Monday morning at the latest. Please see me to sign and I will give you a copy.

I will be working on non certification evaluations this week. If you supervise another staff member I will be putting the evaluation form in your mailbox. I would like to have them completed by this Friday.

Summer School

Summer School positions will be assigned soon. Please email me if you are still interested. Letters will be going out as well by end of the week. If you have a student not on the current google doc as tier 2 or tier 3 and think that student should go to summer school email me asap.

Textbook Orders and Check out procedures 2016

Lori is putting together a google doc to gather current inventories of textbooks on hand including workbooks. In addition we will need a list of out dated books to give to the business office. I will be meeting with Grade Level Chairs to give more specific direction.

Check out will be done on June 6 with Pam Kouder. If you will not be there that day, you will need to EMAIL me when you anticipate doing your official check out.

Grades reminder

As we approach the end of the quarter, be sure to check that your grade scales are correct and grades are regularly updated on powerschool. Also be sure that you are communicating with parents about grades so there are no "surprises". Grades are due no later than May 31.

Benchmarks and Google Doc updates

So that we can properly identify students for Summer school (Title) we need your Benchmarks and google docs updated by May 27. If you are having trouble with this please meet with me to discuss. Star should include same data we used for Winter.

Shout Outs

Great Job Lesley organizing the Mental Health training for the Crisis team.

Great job Kindergarten teachers with Muffins for moms. Great way to reach out to our families.

Tammie Sopczak for organizing the Community Grant information!

Whats Happening this Week!


No Morning Meetings

Class Lists Meeting in Conference room with Grades K, 2 and 4 during Preps.

2:00 5th Grade Etiquette


Lesley Out PBIS workshop

8:00 Grade Level Chairs Meeting

9:00-3:30 Grade 4 Mapping with Mary

11:10-1:15 5th Grade Luncheon


No Morning Meetings

Class Lists Meeting Grades 1 3 and 5 during Preps in Conference room

1:30 High School Show Choir Assembly

3:45 Corporation Discussion


8:00 Staff Meeting Crisis Go

Dare Graduation


8:00 Kindergarten and Grade 1 Articulation.

9:00-3 Grade 4 Mapping with Mary

6:00 pm 5th Grade Social

What's Coming Up

May 26 Egg Drop 1pm-3pm

May 27 Kindergarten Graduation 1:30

June 1 Field Day

June 2 Talent Show

June 3 Awards assembly -Bea Cak photo odyssey