Fireman's Park - Under Construction

Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the work to begin: Work is scheduled to start the week of July 24th, 2017.

When is the work to be completed: The goal is to be ready for the 4th of July celebration in 2018!

What is going to be new? In the new design we will have a rent-able park shelter with concession area, a four season community room, band shell, ADA inclusive play equipment and basketball courts. See the map below to learn what pieces of the park are coming in the first phase.

What is going to happen with the log cabin? While the log cabin has a place in our memories, it unfortunately doesn't function for the public well. It is non ADA compliant, the concession area is not user friendly and lacks efficient storage opportunities. It would be too costly to renovate. The village believes the new pavilion will serve all residents for generations to come. The village will be working with the Deforest Area Fire and EMS to allow them an opportunity to use it as a training exercise.

How can I contribute? Please contact village staff for sponsorship opportunities beginning at $50.00.

Are there other parks available that I can rent while Fireman's Park is unavailable? The list of available parks can be found on the village website or by calling Village Hall.

What will happen with the 4th of July event? The village has been working with the Chamber of Commerce on the design of the park to ensure the 4th of July celebration remains at Fireman's Park.

What will happen with Deforest Street? It will stay closed to create a multipurpose space to support park activities.

When will the other phase happen? Now that we know what amenities are coming in the first phase, village staff will work with the village board and public to strategize how and when the remaining pieces of the plan will get incorporated.

What will happen with the ball diamonds? The two large ball diamonds will remain unimpaired at Fireman's park until the ball diamonds at the planned athletic complex are established and ready for use. More information can be found on village website under Community Projects.

What types of activities will happen in the band shell? A venue for special events that could include performance arts (music, drama, dance), recreation programming, food cart events, along with private rentals and weddings.

I have heard that there is a pool going into Fireman's Park, is that true? The Village of DeForest has heard from the public on its interest in a community pool. Subsequently, the Village has formed a pool subcommittee to include the Village of DeForest, Village of Windsor and the DeForest School District. This committee is exploring the feasibility of a community pool and land to put a pool on is part of that review. To date, discussions have eliminated Fireman's Park as a suitable option for a community pool.

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