October 8-12


Good morning!

Hope everyone had a good, hot weekend. Today's in-service looks great as we continue to work on innovative practices to use in our classrooms.

I still have nine teachers needing to complete their professional goals. Let's have these done by Friday at the latest. I am able to meet with you if you need assistance. Remember to have one academic and one professional goal. I would like to get observations scheduled as well. The goal is to have them completed by Thanksgiving Break.

Also, if your team has not submitted the Students of Focus list that you worked on last Wednesday please share with me the document this week as well.

I hope everyone has a great day and week!

Aim High and Dream Big!!


What's Going This Week

This week is MathSupervision.

I will be out of the building Wednesday morning for a meeting, but should be back by 12.

Monday- Inservice


Wednesday- EH- Staff Meeting

Thursday- Volleyball game -home ( Williamsburg)


Saturday- XC League meet at Bethel and Volleyball Tournaments start . Tournaments will be here.

Professional Development of the Week- Higher Level Questioning

The most basic way teachers have to stimulate interactive thinking and learning in the classroom is through the use of questions. It is important that when planning your classroom lessons, that you think of intentional questions to ensure learning opportunities. Thinking isn't driven by answers but by questioning. Questioning helps us to check group and individual understanding. Here are some benefits of questioning strategies in the classroom:

  • To develop interest and motivate students to become actively involved in lessons.
  • To develop critical thinking skills.
  • To review learning.
  • To stimulate students to pursue knowledge on their own and ask their own questions

Here are some sites to check out:


Here is a template that has questions to use at different levels.


Here is a site for questions to use in Math:


Questions for Reading:


Questions for STEMS:


Big picture